Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Lo Down - Propercorn

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Even thought I've started my fitness and weightloss journey I'm a big foodie at heart. I like good food but I've been making alot healthier choices as of late.
I was recently sent products from the brand Propercorn and if you haven't guessed already they have a range of popcorn, just so your in the loop. I love snacking on these between meals as they are really good for you. They come in big and small bags, the larger bags are great for movie nights.

I have two favourite flavours from the range which are Smooth Peanut & Almond and Sweet & Salty, they are both so yummy. If I'm out all day I always bring a bag of these with me so I'm not hungry throughout the day. There are 6 flavours to choose from in total but I did see on the website that they brought out a limited edition Honeycomb flavour which sounds unusual so I'll have to try it soon. Sorry about the picture above two flavours are missing some members of my family couldn't resist snacking on these. Propercorn also have a range of Crunchy corn that I haven't tried yet either basically they are slightly popped kernels that are a health alternative to nuts.

If you are on a health kick like me yourself I'd highly recommend giving these a try.


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