Saturday, July 30, 2011

No7 Beauty Case

Having got paid last week I decided to do a spot of shopping in town. I went to a few different shops but I seen nothing that caught my eye. That is until I went in Boot's in the Jervis centre.

I do love this branch as it is slightly bigger than my local, Dundrum. They have a few extra brands and products here and there so I love going in to have a bit of a mooch around. That's were I spotted this beauty...

Let me introduce you to the No7 Beauty Case.

Needing a extra bit of storage for my makeup, this looked beyond perfect. I love it cause it's neat and is really sturdy. It's pretty spacious as there are two sections to the case. The top section also contains a small mirror. I really like the interior as there are 3 removeable trays which I think is fab cause I can take them out and have more room if I want.  The best part of all is that it was reduced to €5. At such a bargain price I couldn't leave this behind!!

 I'm in the middle of getting my room decorated at the present. Over the last few days I emptied my room of everything. So I've just been literally throwing  beauty products into this. Needless to say it's not organised one bit but  hopefully when my room is done I'll be able to fix it up.

I will you leave you girls with some pictures of the No7 Beauty Case. If you want a review on any of the products you see in it feel free to comment below and let me know!!:)

 Top Section

 Bottom Section

 All 3 Removable Trays

What do you think of the No7 Beauty Case??...Will you be purchasing one??


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

I've never been a person to use eye products. The reason for this is that I've never really had the reason to do so. That is until now. I've started working two jobs as of late and let's just say all the early mornings are not being kind to my eyes. I guess waking up at half seven in the morning does that to you.
I've been using Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion for the past few weeks now. I apply some product to cotton pads and sweep them over my eyes. Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion not only leaves my sleepy eyes refreshed but it also gently removes makeup that may be there from the night before. For a extra cooling effect, you can also put Eyebright in the fridge for a bit of extra pampering. I think the twist-up cap on the bottle is safe for travelling as you'll know there will be no spillage in your bag. I have sensitive eyes that do water occasionally but I had no problem with Eyebright. It is light and non oily, perfect for people like me who suffer from eye irritation.

This is another Liz Earle product I love. Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (150ml) costs €11.25 and will last for ages. I will be repurchasing this product without a doubt when I finish the bottle.

At the moment Liz Earle is having an offer, when you buy a Daily Eye Repair(€15) and Smoothing Line Serum (€15) you receive a complimentary Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion . I think this is a great offer cause you get all three products for €28.25 which is quite a saving. I haven't tried the other two products but if they are anything like this one you won't be disappointed.

Have you tried Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion ?? How do you find it??


 I was sent this product by the lovely Liz Earle PR team to try out but all thoughts and views on the product are my own<3

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beauty Swap with the Lovely MakeupLand2011

Hey everyone,

A while ago I tweeted about some products I couldn't get my hands on in Ireland. That day I got a lovely email off Chie (MakeupLand2011) from the United States suggesting that we do a swap. I love the idea of beauty swaps as it's a good way to try stuff out that's not readily available in your own country and there also great fun. I've done two swaps before which I really enjoyed. Of course I was only too happy to take part in this one.

Chie is the nicest girl ever and so genuine. If you haven't checked out her YouTube channel you should definitely have a look. I love her videos!!! They are so informative and there's everything from step by step tutorials to reviews etc. I was really excited about this swap. We organised it about two weeks ago now. It actually doesn't seem that long ago come to think about it. Last Friday Chie emailed me to tell me that she sent my package.

Imagine my surprise, after I came home from work on Wednesday my package had arrived. After a quick glance I realised it was from Chie. I was beyond excited about it. As it was delivered on Friday I really wasn't expecting it so soon. It was such a awesome treat.

When I opened my package I was left speechless. I was so shocked with all the lovely goodies she sent me. I wasn't expecting so much.

Here is what the lovely Chie sent me...

Victoria's Secret 'Pink' Beach Bag
This bag is gorgeous. Here in Ireland we don't have a Victoria's Secret so I was so happy to see this bag. Purple is also my favourite colour.

Victoria's Secret 'Pink' Water Bottle
 I love this water bottle!!! I really like the design. It would be definitely something I'd buy if I seen it in a store.

I got such a surprise when I seen what was inside this bottle!!

Bath and Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel in Raspberry Frost Donut, Lunch Box and Lemon Pomegranate

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Slice Of Heaven and Passion Fruit

EOS Lip Balms in Honeysuckle Honeydew and Summer Fruit

Sephora By OPI Nail Varnish in Already Famous

NYX Blush in Pinky and Peach

Covergirl 'Pure Romance' Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige and NYX High Definition Eyeshadow Base

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

I don't know how everything fit into that water bottle but they did!!!

I got this gorgeous card of Chie. It gave me a bit of background on all the products that she chose for the swap. She also sent me a assortment of sheet masks (above picture) which are popular in the states. I'm really looking forward to trying them out.

I bet you can see why I was left lost for words. Everything looks amazing. Thank you so much Chie for the amazing products and gifts. We will have to do a swap again in the future. All these products will last me for ages I bet. I will definitely keep you posted on how I get on. I've used a bit of the EOS lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew and I love it...the packaging is so cute.

I'm really looking forward to trying everything out and will let you girls know my thoughts!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Round Up #5

Here are some my highlights from last week........

Monday I met my boyfriend in town. We went shopping and I picked up some lovely goodies.
 I brought all my empties Back to MAC and picked up another lippie to add to my ever growing collection. A lustre lipstick, it's in the shade Patisserie.

   I don't hear it mentioned enough  which is strange as it's a gorgeous neutral pink shade. I'm loving it so far.

While at MAC, I purchased the Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist from the Semi Precious. I've never tried the Fix+ spray so I snapped up this to try it out. While in town I also picked up the OPI Texas Lil Shooters Collection (not pictured above) which you can see here. After shopping for what felt like a age, we finshed off our trip by heading to Yo Sushi! were we had a lovely dinner.. Yummy!!

Tuesday As I wasnt working I spent the day studying  for my theory test and checking out college courses. I'm hoping to do Event Management in September but I haven't found a course yet that suits my schedule. I work weekday mornings so I have to do a Part-time course at night. Even though I'd probably much prefer to do a Full-time one. Who knew it was so hard to find a Part-time Event Management course...I most certainly didn't. I'm really looking forward to my theory test cause afterwards I'll be able to drive officially. I was given driving lessons for my 21st birthday way back in February which I haven't used yet. I'm really looking forward to taking them though even if I am quite nervous.

Friday I went to Hollister as it finally opened. It was so busy all day so I went down in the evening and it was like empty so I had a look around and I picked up some bits which you can check out here!. I really liked the shop and I love the layout and interior. While I was in Dundrum I also went to McCabes and picked up some goodies that were so inexpensive. I couldn't possibly leave without them.

 Saturday Enroute to picking up my nephew I popped into Boots in Liffey Valley. A while ago I was told that Stila was opening a stand instore. Of course I went in to look at the stand and left with more products which I hadn't planned on doing.You can check out what I purchase here. If you haven't been to Boots in Liffey Valley it's huge and has to be the biggest one I've ever seen.

 Sunday I was working 12 to 6. As I work in town I  go shopping alot which results in me spending money on little things which certainly adds up without me knowing, I arrived in a bit early so I went into Brown Thomas.  I spotted a new stand at MAC for their Sized To Go Collection. I wasn't expecting to see this instore as I heard it was just going into airports as they are travel sizes. I really like this collection as I think it's a good way to try out products and it's also handbag size.

I got the Fix+ spray (€9) and the Cleanse-Off Oil (€9) I can't wait to try these products out. I've heard such good things about the Cleanse-Off Oil so I have high expectations.

After work my boyfriend picked me up and we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
 I was so looking forward to seeing this movie and I wasn't left disappointed one bit. I really enjoyed it and most importantly it stayed true to the book. I don't want to say too much about the movie cause some of you may not have seen it yet. I was so sad to see it come to an end!! At least we have Twilight to look forward to.

I picked up this month's Marie Claire Magazine for the bus journey home. A Ciate lipgloss comes free with this issue and I love it so far. Inside the mag you also get a £10 voucher for the Ciate. That's not all on the lipgloss packaging there is also a promotional code for 15% off your total order when you shop online.If their lipgloss is anything to go by I will be picking up some more products!!

What did you girls get up to during your week??


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Batiste Nude Dry Shampoo

I've always been a fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo as it's such a convenient product to refresh your hair on the go. When it came to trying Batiste Nude, I had such high expectations.

Instead of the usual spray can this product is 100% natural/ environmentally friendly and comes in a plastic bottle. Batiste Nude has a nozzle attached which makes for easy application as you can apply the dry shampoo were it's needed most. As Batiste Nude is fragrance-free, it will appeal to people that don't like the strong scents of the spray can. I regularly run out of the aerosol cans very quickly as I get a bit carried away with it. As this is a powder, it lasts longer as less is needed.

 I apply the powder straight from the bottle onto my roots. It's a bit messy using my hands and I feel that I waste alot of product. After leaving the product for a few minutes I wait for it to work it's magic. Then it's just a simple matter of brushing my hair. The finished result is my hair looking fresh and clean. Perfect for a quick fix on-the-go.

If you haven't tried Batiste Nude, I'd recommend trying it out. For the price (€6ish) it's definitely worth it.

Have any of you girls tried Bastiste Nude??..How did you find it??


 I was sent this product by the Batiste PR Team to try out but all thoughts and views on the product are my own<3

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Shopaholic's Journey #4- Hollister,Stila and more!!

As most of you know Hollister opened in Dundrum Town Centre on Friday. As I live near enough I decided to pop down to have a look. Having been to Hollister in Manchester's Trafford Centre, I knew what to expect. When I was in Dundrum in the morning the queue at the entrance was massive. Luckily, when I went in later that day I just walked in. When you've been to Hollister I think you've been to them all as they have the same interior. If you haven't been I think you'll really like it as it something different. I haven't seen anything like it anywhere else.

As I'm not getting paid til the end of the month. I didn't go too mad as it's on the expensive side.

While I was there I did pick up these...

 L2R-Laguna Beach Body Mist & Laguna Beach Body Lotion

The above products retailed for one for €12 or two for €18. As it was better value I got the two. I love the smell of Laguna Beach it's really fresh and has a really nice peach scent. I'm doing my room up soon so I think the packaging is so pretty and it would look so nice on display.

After Hollister, I went into McCabes pharmacy. They are stocking NYC cosmetics now so of course I had to pop in and have a look. Typical me, I came out with this lot.

Top Picture-NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder, NYC Colour Mosiac Eye Powder in Pink Cadillac, NYC Lippin' Large Lip Plumper in Peach
Bottom Picture- Essence Gel Liner in London Baby, Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss in Me & My Ice Cream

I haven't owned anything from either brand before. They are so inexpensive and such bargains. I've heard such good things about both ranges so I  can't wait to try everything out.

Last weekend, I went to Boots in Liffey Valley. I was told by a few bloggers that Stila was opening a stand instore. I own no Stila products so I decided to pop in and have a look.

Firstly WOW this Boots is massive and bigger than any I've ever seen (Mags! you were right it's huge ) I immediately went looking for the Stila stand. After looking over it for a while I came away with these two products.

L2R- Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten, Stila 'Living the Life in Laguna' beach palette

I live a good bit away from Liffey Valley and I probably won't be back there for a while. I've seen so many brands there that aren't in my local boots. One of the things I seen was the Bourjeois Delica de Soleil Bronzing Powder. I've seen this in my own Boots but they have it in the darker shade. I couldn't buy it at the time as it was too dark on me. When I seen the lighter shade I snatched it up along with these other goodies....

L2R- Orly Nail polish in Rage & It's Up To Blue, Max Factor Liquid Effect Eye Pencil in Brown Blaze, Bourjeois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder in  shade 12

That comes to the end of another Shopaholic's Jounrney. I hope you enjoyed it!!:D

 Have you tried any of the products above?? Let me know your thoughts!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fab 100 Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone.

As you probably know my first winner did not contact me within the required amount of time to claim her prize. So I will be announcing a new winner in this post.

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the support. I've been blogging for over three months now and I've been loving every minute. I'm so happy that you girls like my blog and it means so much. I love seeing the nice comments on my post, they always make my day.

The winner of my Fab 100 Giveaway will win these prizes...

Mini Bahama Breeze Yankee Candle

Barry M Nail Paint in Mushroom and Navy

Maybelline New York Colorsensational Luscious Lipgloss in Freshly Sliced

Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream (Travel Size)

The winner will also receive a Inglot Four Square Freedom Palette and  Inglot Lipstick of their choice.

The giveaway was opened for over 3 weeks which meant alot of entries. Unfortunately there can only be one winner.

Congratulations to Lisa @itisallaboutcreativity who was chosen using I will contact you by email shortly to discuss your prize.
Here was the winning entry..

My summer must have has to be Benefit You Rebel, it is so easy to apply, and has a light coverage which is just perfect for summer heat aswell as great moisturising properties and has spf15 in too so works really well for summer skin.

Thanks everyone for entering I shall have another giveaway in the future. Hope everyone has a fab weekend:)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OPI Texas Collection-Lil Shooters

My love affair with OPI mini nail polishes continues. I always seem to buy the smaller bottle as I've never finished a big bottle let alone a mini one.

Yesterday I purchased the Lil Shooters Set from the Texas Collection. I seen this instore and couldn't pass them. I really like the colours and can't wait to try them out.

Austin-tatious Turquoise-A really gorgeous blue/green shade with a hint of shimmer.

 I Vant to Be A-Lone Star-This nail polish is described as a Texas Sky Blue shade but I'd say it's more greyish pearl.

Do You Think I'm Tex-y?-This is such a nice deep pink berry shade. May become one of my favourites, we'll see.

 RapiDry Top Coat-I'm really looking forward to trying this top coat out. I'm forever painting my nails and smudging them all most immediately afterwards.This is definitely much needed.

I will let everyone know my thoughts on this collection. I'm sure there will be plenty of NOTDs coming soon:)

What do you girls think of this collection??


Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Round Up #4

Here are some of the highlights from last week... 

On Tuesday, I bought this lovely bag from The Laundry Room. I'm really glad I purchased it. Not only spacious, this bag is so versatile I could wear it with anything. I can see this bag being my everyday bag for a the foreseeable future.

Last week, I received my ELF order that I'd been so excited about. I took advantage of their promotion and got a few nice goodies. I've used the Studio Brush set every day I love it. So far my favourite brushes are the Powder brush and the Eyeshadow "C" brush (very good for blending). I shall do some reviews soon.

On Saturday, My mom celebrated her 50th birthday. The whole family (minus my bro) went to a lovely Chinese Restaurant in Donabate for a meal. It was so nice to have everyone there. I hadn't seen my baby nephew in forever so it was so nice to give him a cuddle. Earlier on, my mom went to a Spa so it was such a good end to an already great birthday. Sadly my brother couldn't make it cause he was partying hard at the Oxygen Music Festival. He came back this morning after four days of camping. Needless to say he was a bit worst for wear. His highlight was seeing Coldplay, Plan B and Slash. During the set, Fergie came out to duet with Slash which he said was amazing. The weather stayed good for most of the weekend. Which I'm sure him and everyone else at the festival were happy about.

What did you girls get up to this week??

Saturday, July 9, 2011

ELF Haul

During the week, I recieved my Elf order in the post. A while ago I took advantage of their 50% off offer which I'm sure everyone heard about at the time.

I was so excited to get the goodies I purchased.

 Burgundy Train Case
Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude
Single Eyeshadow in Pebble
Single Eyeshadow in Amethyst
Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon
Blush in Tickled Pink
Studio 11 Piece Brush Set

I was left a little disappointed with my order. Some of the products were faulty.
 The Mineral Lipstick I ordered was broken in the box.

While the Slanted Foundation brush in the set was bent out of shape.

I've been in contact with ELF's customer service so hopefully I get it sorted. I will keep you girlies up to date on the issue.
Other than that I've been loving everything in my order. I like the ELF brushes especially the powder brush. 
Is their any particular ELF product in this post you'd like to see reviewed??