Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Lo Down - Nimue Skin Regulator and Moisturiser Lite

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I love skincare! I like giving my skin much needed nutrients on a daily basis. There's no point forking out mega bucks on expensive makeup when your base isn't in tip top condition. I've tried different skincare over the years but now I've realised how important it is to stick to the one brand. There's some brands I love like Bioderma,Kiehl's,Simple and Charlotte Tilbury to name a few but there's also brands I can't put near my face like Clinique and Estee Lauder. The latter made my eyes swell up really badly leaving my skin feeling terrible and I vowed to never put my face through that ever again.
Over the last few months I've been trying a couple of products from a brand called Nimue which I'm going to do a couple of different posts on. I've tried the Normal skin set which I actually can't find online but it contains some lovely mini sized products that are perfect for travelling and I've also found some new favourites. I myself have Interactive skin which is skin that shows sign of hypersensitivity, irritation and redness at times. So the ingredients in these products help combat that.
The two products that I have been liking alot lately and that I have noticed have been doing wonders with my skin are the skin regulator and moisturiser lite. You use the products in that order and I just feel that the skin regulator is a nice extra step in my skin care routine after my toner. It's basically a oil free serum like product that restores health to your skin.
The moisturiser lite improve skin texture and aids hydration. It's such a neat little product and can be used day or night. I find it's super light and moisturising on my skin which is just what I need in this cold weather. It's such a nice little pampering session for your skin. I'm pretty sure 15ml is the full size for the regulator while you can purchase a tub of moisturise lite which I'm sure I'm going to purchase after I finish this 50ml tube. I'm sure they'll both last for a while cause I use them bought sparingly. The scent of these products aren't offensive either I'd almost call them totally scentless. I think the moisturise lite is also a great base for foundation as it leaves your skin really soft. I also like how the packaging is simple so it sort of lets the product itself do the talking.

I think this brand is great as you can customise the products to suit your skin type be it problematic or hyper pigmented. It's definitely worth having a look at it in my opinion. A local beauticians closed to me called Pink Beauty Boutique stock a wide range of products if your interested in going down on when you have free time to have a look.

What is your favorite skincare range on the market?


Monday, January 23, 2017

The Lo Down - Charlotte Tilbury Seductive Beauty Instant Look in a Palette

Hey Guys and Dolls,

As you all know I love a good palette. I already featured one of my favourites, The Sweet Peach palette from Too Faced in the first Lo Down I did. There are some amazing palettes out there at the moment, some containing eyeshadows, some with both shadows and face products and this palette I have to show to you is one of those.
I'm a huge fan of Mrs Tilbury's products so when I first saw this palette I couldn't wait to try it. It is on the pricier side of things at €69 but it contains everything you need to create a gorgeous glam look sans the foundation, mascara, powder, lippy and eyeliner. So in my eyes it was worth the money. So basically this palette contains three shadows ( brighten,enhance, smoke) which are so beautiful, buttery and very pigmented, then you have some amazing cheek products, two pretty blushes and a bronzer and highlighter. I love her cheek products like her eyeshadows they are exceptional. This palette in my mind is kind of like makeup by numbers as every item has a number that helps to create the makeup look if you are new to makeup which is great.
I've created a look with this palette that you can see below, I like how it's so wearable and can be taken from day to night in a instant just like what it says on the tin. The lipstick I'm wearing is from Charlotte Tilbury aswell and it's her new limited edition The Queen lipstick which I will go into detail on in the a upcoming post. So far so good I love it as I'm not a big red wearer but this shade is really wearable and glams up any look in my opinion.
I think this set  would be perfect as a gift, I know I'd be delighted with this as a surprise. There are two options the seductive beauty palette and the natural palette. I can't wait to try the latter once I save my pretty pennies up soon. The seductive palette is apparentyl based on the golden goddess look and the corresponding products that go along with it. Great idea! If the rumours are true there are more palettes to come.

I love how you can check out how to beauty videos on Charlotte Tilbury's website and YouTube channel. I find them so informative and helpful if you want to try something new with your makeup. Plus it's a great way to catchup on new beauty launches.

What's your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product? I'd love to know!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Lo Down - This Works Sleep Together Kit

Hey Guys and Dolls, 

Like everybody on the planet I know like myself who has ever experienced difficulties sleeping it is a complete nightmare. It causes havoc on your skin and your mood is definitely affected. I know the latter first hand cause no one would want to be around me if I didn't get my beauty sleep. Those full eight hours are definitely precious to me. I've probably tried every remedy known to man at this stage to try and help the issue some good, some plain rubbish.
When I saw this kit on Boots.ie website in the sale I thought I'd give it a go and put it to the test. It was only about €25 euro I do believe so it was pretty good value. A bottle of the spray itself usually works out at €21.

First off this kit contains two full sized products, the deep sleep pillow spray 75ml and the deep sleep breathe in rollerball 8ml. I couldn't see the latter on the website so I'm not too sure if it is still available or if it has been discontinued. The scent of this product is distinctive and is made up of Lavender, Vertivert and Wild Camomile. I love spraying this stuff on my pillow at night it smells so nice. I really like snuggling into bed with cosy socks, fluffy pjs and a good book after I spray this and just smell the lovely scent.
After a couple of spritzes, my fave product, the pillow spray relaxes you completely with its scent until you dose off. A little goes a long way so I'm sure a bottle of this will last an age. The rollerball is a calming product also even though it isn't my favourite out of the two. It works by putting a bit on your pulse points and wrists.

If your interested in picking up some bits from This Works there is 15% off on Feel Unique at the moment. I can't vouch for anything else as I haven't tried anything else but so far I'm left impressed.

Do you have any This Works favourites?