Monday, August 18, 2014

Ultimate Girl's Day Out & Giveaway

This weekend is the annual Ultimate Girl's Day Out in the RDS Dublin. Held in the Main Hall, the event brings together a host of popular brands under the one roof, including Benefit Cosmetics, E45 and Scholl to name but a few. There will be talks from some of my favourite authors as well as Catwalk Shows that will be showcasing all of the latest fashion trends of the moment. Being the seventh year running it's sure to be bigger better than ever they always have amazing offers, I can't wait to find a good bargain.

The event itself is sponsored by Gilette Venus and No7. The latter is one of my favourite brands from Boots and I always  make a beeline for their counter when they give out their vouchers. There's also going to be fabulous competitions to look forward  to on the day. The 1st 1,000 people through the doors each  day will also receive a fab goodie bag aswell.

I'm heading along over the weekend with my Mom so hopefully I see some of you there. If you and a friend would like to go along on the day I'm giving away 2 tickets over on my Instagram (@allmadeup21).

Are you going to the Ultimate Girl's Day Out? Have you been before?


Friday, August 15, 2014

Benefit Hydrating Lip Balms.

Benefit Cosmetics have done it again for me. I'm a big fan of lip products as you probably all well know already and I was really excited to see the launch of their new hydrating lip balms. There's four shades to choose from, Bene Balm, Lolli Balm, Cha Cha Balm and Posie Balm. I'm lucky to have three of the four shades to show you guys. First off I have to say I'm a huge fan of this brand, I adore their packaging. In true Benefit style this particular release does not disappoint, they look sleek and uber fun. Cha Cha Balm is a coral shade, while Posie Tint is a sheer baby pink shade. My favourite though has to be Bene Balm it's a nice rosie red on the lips and definiely shows up alot more than the other two balms.  I can still see myself using all three as they are hydrating on the lips and with the Winter months ahead can see myself use them alot.

 I like the idea that these lip balms can be used on top of their coinciding tint or on their own for a hint of colour. At the moment  Bene Balm has a permanent spot in my makeup bag and has definitely become a firm staple of mine. At €21.50 these lip balms are a steal, I think I may even treat myself to Lolli tint in the near future.

What lip balm do you have your eye on?


Monday, August 11, 2014

Brand Love: Alex and Ani

The last few months have been pretty hard for me. In June I lost a family member who was really close to my heart. I know alot of people out there find it difficult to remain positive, I can definitely put my two hands up to that. I have such an amazing support around me who have stuck with me through the good and bad times. It's been a struggle at times but now I know there's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

My good friend from college, Serena introduced me to the Alex and Ani range in May and I've become a huge fan of their pieces. Serena actually has a blog to you can check it out here. All their pieces are blessed in America when they are made. The brands ethos is to live consciously whilst turning a lifestyle brand into away of life. I'm all for positive energy at the moment and I really like the idea behind this brand. I've already bought quite a few of their bangles as you can see from the picture above. They come packaged in beautiful sleek black boxes which I store them in at night. There's a different meaning behind each symbol which I myself really like the idea of.

The five symbols I have are as follows

Starfish = Vigilance. Intuition. Ability
The star of the sea symbolises guidance, intuition and vigilance. It's said that when you were this you're given guided direction and a sense of potential. I bought this cause I love the sea and swimming, so when I look at this bangle it reminds me of that. Aquarians are known as water carriers so it definitely is appropriate that I love water!!

My birthday is the 15th of February, I know I was a couple of hours short of being a Valentine's Day baby. My favourite colour is purple so it was pretty apt that my birthstone is amethyst, which is a mixture of violet and red. The stone itself represents courage and inner strength, seems just about right.

Everything Happens For a Reason
This is obviously self explanatory in itself. I do believe everything happens for a reason in life but I know aswell that sometimes things happen in life that we can't control even if we'd like to. Sure if you get thrown a hard ball you have to hit it out of the park. There's so many exciting things in store in life and the future is always brighter than what it may seem at times.

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life represents strong roots, consistent growth and fruition. It also acknowledges the strong bond between mankind and mother earth. I really enjoy being out and about, I'm not one for staying in and moping around so I fell in love with this the minute I saw.

Seven Swords = Love.Radiance.Strength
The seven swords represent the seven archangels, when you wear it your meant to find a inner love for yourself.

I have a feeling my obsession with this brand may continue for a while. I've already seen their Disney collection online and I have a couple of pieces I want to get. Pity the postage is extortionate, $60 to Ireland if you were wondering. The bangles differ in price, the ones I bought myself range from €26 to around the €35 mark.

Have you become obsessed with Alex and Ani like me? If so let me know what pieces you've acquired?