Sunday, February 3, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

I have another tag for you guys today! I seen the 50 Random Facts Tag floating around the blogosphere for a while now and I really wanted to do it. I just wasn't too sure what to talk about so I'm really surprised I got 50 facts. Hopefully it doesn't bore you all to tears. On a regular basis I am known to come out with a lot of random stuff in general, so in other words curious observations.
I'm a 90's baby! Wooo! I miss out on the 80's by 46 days which doesn't seem like a lot at all.

My birthday is the day after Valentines Day (15th February), I still haven't decided if I like this fact yet.

I have no interest in star signs but I know I'm a Aquarius and my birthstone is Amethyst. Makes sense that my favourite colour is purple.

I have a sister and a brother, Gerard is three years younger than me and Lisa is three years older then me. We don't look anything alike.

My little nephew calls me LoLo and it's just stuck since then.

I don't eat vegetables at all. I only like lettuce which is fine by me as it is the key ingredient in my favourite Chicken Caesar Salad.

I started Slimming World last April and since then I've lost six and a half stone!

I went to an All Irish school for a year when I was four. I left as I apparently couldn't grasp the Irish language.

I know how to speak in Irish now but I'd love to learn another language this year. I don't know maybe French or Spanish.

I didn't start wearing makeup until I was seventeen and nearly finished school.

Throughout secondary school I played basketball and I miss it a lot. 

I broke a couple of bones in my hands from playing basketball which was unbelieveably painful. I also broke my foot when I was eight from jumping off the fireman's pole in my local park.

I've only started wearing glasses in the last four years and I still only wear them when I need to.

I have a fear of contact lenses, I always think they'd get stuck in my eye. Does this even happen?

Two words I can't pronounce are pint and mirror which is bad thing if you're Irish and you plan on starting YouTube Videos. Whoops I'm screwed!
When I was younger I used to collect badges/pins and I thought I was so cool. Clearly who wouldn't want a humongous collection of badges!

I don't drive a car but I definitely want to learn in the next year or so.

I did First Aid when I was younger and won alot of competitions for it.

I'm currently studying PR, Sales, Marketing, and Advertising in college.

When I finish this course I'd love to do a makeup artist course, I think it would be amazing.

My favourite makeup brand at the moment is Urban Decay. I can't get enough of their Naked Palettes.

I get intimidated by bright lipsticks and hardly ever wear them. I'm trying to be braver through 2013.
I have an insane amount of lipsticks in my collection, here are just a selection of my MAC ones. Don't judge!

I'm forever reorganising my makeup collection. I'm a perfectionist so it's never just the way I want it.

I've only started filling in my brows in the past year, the difference it makes.

I'd love to travel and live abroad for a couple of years. I'm not a home bird so I doubt I'd miss much to be honest.

Before the age of nine I'd never been on an airplane. I spent most of my Summer holidays in Kerry, a gorgeous county on the West Coast of Ireland.

Once my family travelled to Florida we caught the flying bug. We went to the same destination every year for the next three years. This didn't bother me as I loved the place.

I've only ever been to Florida so I haven't seen much of the States. I'd love to visit California, New York and Chicago, who knows I may take a trip this year.

Besides the States, I've visited a couple of  countries in Europe. France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona), Sardinia (Alghero), UK (Manchester) and Portugal (Albufeira). I couldn't choose a favourite place out of these as I had a seriously amazing time everywhere.

Before I travelled to the UK, I'd already been to the States. I know weird seeing as it's a much shorter flight to go to England.

I've only been to Manchester (x3) with my boyfriend, Paddy and I've never been to London. This city is definitely one of my dream destinations, I want to go to Harrods and see Big Ben.

I'm going out with Paddy four years on April Fool's Day. A funny day to start going out with someone but we've been perfectly happy ever since.

On our last two trips abroad, I had a problem with trains. In Barcelona I got stuck on one on my own which resulted in me calling my Mam and Dad back in Dublin. I realised pretty quick that there was nothing they could do in another country. Post Morrissey concert in Manchester we rushed onto a tram and I got my hand/bag stuck in the door. Fun Times all round.
I hold on to my tickets from concerts and keep them in a little folder. Let's just say that the folder is nearly full, I've been to alot of concerts.

I went to see Oasis in Slane Castle a couple of weeks before they called it a day. It was such a amazing gig as they were supported by The Prodigy. I wish I could say it was easy to get home but we had to walk for 3 hours cause there was no buses.

I've never went to the Oxygen Music Festival but if it did come back for another year I'd definitely go.

I use to always go to Ireland football matches with my Dad and Gerard. I stopped going when I was mid way through Secondary School. I do miss it cause the atmosphere was amazing!

I don't have a bath in my house so I'm extremely jealous of people who buy bath bombs at Lush. My favourite product was Creamed Almond & Coconut Smoothie still haven't got over the fact that theyb discontinued it last year. Why Lush?

I can't sing which isn't news to any of my friends or family. I can't hold a note in my head, it's never stopped me from attempting to sing my favourite tune.
That leaves me on to my favourite artist right now, TAYLOR SWIFT! I've been to see her twice already in concert. The first time was in Manchester at the MEN arena with Paddy. I shook her hand and met her Mom who gave me the guitar pick pictured above. No Joke!

I met McFly and Shayne Ward at signings in HMV (please come back!) when I was 16/17 and it made my day.

I love to read and have quite a collection of books. I would have called myself a bit of a hoarder but after seeing the TV show I don't come close.

I get put off by books with long chapters and to this day I don't know why!

I got a Kindle and I don't know if I like it. Nothing beats a real book in my eyes! I'd have a lot of empty shelves if I didn't have them.

Blue Bloods, Arrow, Elementary and Revenge are just a few of my favourite TV show.

My favourite movie off the top of my head is 500 Days of Summer I've watched this so much already. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, what's not to love?

My favourite author at the moment is Lindsey Kelk. Her I Heart series is brilliant and always makes me laugh.

I love candles and I always have one lit in my room. My favourite at the moment is Yankee Candle's Red Velvet.

I call myself shy but I know most people that read this fact would say otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this tag I would love to hear if you guys did it yourselves.

Is there any other tags out there that you think I should do?



  1. I love these tags x

    check out my cath kidston giveaway

  2. I've been loving these tags and just done one myself :) I have to agree on the long chapters in books, i'm the same, wish i had kept all my tickets from concerts never thought of doing it!

    1. Ooh I'll go have a look! Yeah I dunno why I hate long chapters though, but I know I was the same as a child! I've been to a lot of concerts so I thought it was a good idea xx

  3. I wear contacts for sports/ nights out & they've never gotten stuck but last Thursday night it took me quite a while to take them out & I nearly cried. I'm the same with a Kindle, I wanted one but I much prefer books in physical form!

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

    1. Ooh I'd just panic is I couldn't take them out right away I guess! I know I find myself still buying physical books as opposed to buying the kindle versions on Amazon. I don't think I'll ever get use to using it. It's great for travel though xx

  4. Contacts rarely get stuck in or behind the eye or cause damage, but Chloe said, they can take a while sometimes to remove :) x

    1. as Chloe said*

    2. Thanks Jenny, I feel a little less scared of them now. I think I may just have a phobia of them xx

  5. Great list nice to learn more about you!

    1. Thanks lovie, hope you're keeping well.:) We should go on a shopping date soon xx


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