Monday, February 25, 2013

Little IKEA Haul

As you already know if you read Saturday's post I went to IKEA. It was only my second time going seeing as it's ages away from my house. I got the bus before to meet my Aunty and I was on it for more than a hour so I won't be doing that anytime soon. I love this shop so I love when I get too go, you pick up so many ideas looking at the different showrooms. We all kept saying how when we get our apartments there all going to be kitted out with stuff from IKEA. I was pretty reserved and just picked up a few things which I'm really happy. We must of been there for about two hours, the girls got some lovely bits too so another trip is definitely in order soon. I was surprised everything fit in the car to be honest!
I bought another 6 drawer Moppe unit. I already have two of these already and they fit onto the shelves in my room perfectly. They can hold alot of makeup products as you can see so this is just what I neede. I can hide stuff away but still have easy access to them. I know the finish wood is a bit naff so when I have a spare moment I'm definitely going to paint these different colours. I'm thinking blue, purple and green, something different.

I picked up two white candle holders that I thought would be perfect for holding my makeup brushes. They look so dainty and nice. I don't think these were too expensive at all, I think they came to about €8 for the two which is alright. I also picked up two of their candles that both have this gorgeous heart design. They smell different to candles I'd usually go for but they're nice. IKEA have such a huge range of candles and I went mad the first time I was there and never ended up using the candles. I gave them to my Nanna who loved them so thankfully they didn't go to waste. If I don't use these candles at least they'll look pretty on show on my bedside table.
Lastly I got these canvas picture trio of different cities. I have no idea where I'm going to put these in my room but my friend has them and I fell in love with the set. The artwork is gorgeous! I can't remember off to the top of my head the exact price but I know they weren't too dear at all. I'm going to two cities (London & New York) out of three of these this year which I'm so excited about I can't wait. I've never been to either so I'd love to hear your suggestions on where I should visit while I'm there. I was hoping to go to Paris this year with Paddy but because I'm going to London and New York aswell, I seriously don't think I'll have the money. I'm already trying to tighten my purse strings to save already. 

Are you a fan of IKEA?



  1. That storage looks perfect, I really need some!! xx

  2. Ikea is the best place ever! I need to go soon and get some storage for my beauty stuff, thanks for reminding me :) haha xx
    Vicki x

  3. I love Ikea!

    Those candles are really cute. :)

  4. I've been meaning to head to Ikea but it's such a trek! You've given me the push to go! The candle holders look perfect for brushes.. *going on the list*

  5. Super cute! My house looks like an Ikea catalog :)

  6. I love Ikea but like you it's so far away, it's a 45 minute drive to the nearest one! The candle holders are super cute though! x


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