Sunday, February 24, 2013

28 Days of Kisses - Day 24= MAC Betty Bright Lipstick from the new Archie's Girls collection

Another day in the 28 Day, another MAC lipstick to show you guys. I actually just bought this lipstick on Friday in Dundrum. I had no idea that the Archie's Girls collection had been launched. I thought it was the first Thursday of every month so I was surprised to see the decals in the window when I walked by BT2. I couldn't not pick something up from this collection, just look at the packaging. It's so cute and quirky plus I just love comic book prints. Before this range of products came out, not going to lie I never heard of Archie's Girls. After googling a bit about my comic books, I realised fast that they were released way before my time. I find the whole story behind the comics to be really interesting though, love the illustrations.
The lipstick I picked from the collection was Betty Bright, this seemed like the most wearable shade for me. After I seen it over on Milkteef I knew I had to have it. It's a lovely peachy shade which I think will be just perfect for Spring and Summer. I did think it was quite in your face when I first applied it but after a while it grew on me and I love it. I may pick up some more bits from this collection as I do think it's going to sellout really fast.The new Pearlmatte powders look gorgeous, I'm scared to see how much they convert to in Euro. We get seriously robbed over here, I have a sneaky suspicion that they could be €26 or more. I really want to get one though the packaging is so nice and I think it's the nicest collection they've come out with for a while. I don't want to go to wild though cause I want to be good and save this month.

What product have you picked up from this collection? Any recommendations?



  1. Beautiful color. Our MAC is already sold out of this collection so naturally I am bummed!

  2. I picked up this as well & Daddy's Little Girl - They're very different shades but both beautiful! betty Bright really suits you :) X

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  3. That looks gorgeous! I loove the Veronica pearlmatte, they told me 3 different prices for them in MAC so they're at least 28 I think!

  4. I picked this up and can't wait to wear it! It looks lovely on you :)


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