Monday, February 4, 2013

28 Days of Kisses Tag - Day 4 =Topshop Lipstick in Innocent

Today is another freezing day here in Dublin. The sun is shining but as they say don't let that fool you.  I feel like this everyday lip tag has turned into a bit of a update from me. I actually really like that as I can tell you guys what I've been getting up to and the like. What do you guys think?! I've been pretty busy today, I have so much college assignments to do at the moment. Tonight is my first time back in college since my surgery and I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. I don't think I'm too far behind though which is the main thing. The assignment I'm working on at the moment is for Advertising and I'm finding it really interesting so far. The maximum I need to write is a 2000 words which I think is very doable indeed. I have about 3 weeks to do it so I better get cracking on it. I received some products today that I ordered from Debenhams and Cloud10Beauty. I'm going to do a post on what I got soon. I only have four items though so I'm going to wait for a while and maybe do a small collective haul of sorts. I'm really pleased with what I bought though which is of course all beauty related.
First off excuse my frizzy afro, I know it's shocking! I'm getting my stitches removed tomorrow and I didn't want to use any heating tools on my hair just in case I aggravated my scalp. For some reason my hair has a reddish tint in the picture above. I got highlights in my hair years, like when I was back in school which was about 5 years ago now. Ever since I've been trying to dye over the highlights with brown hair colour and it always shows back up for some bizarre reason. I just don't know! Anywho back to the lipstick tag, today I used one of my many Topshop lipsticks, Innocent. I bought this a while ago and I seriously haven't given it enough love. It's described as pale pink online and I would agree. I would of said that I wasn't in my comfort zone wearing this shade a while back but it's not too daring and I've grown to like it. On my eyes I'm using some shadows from the Sleek Ultra Mattes Darks Palette which was one of the products I ordered from Cloud10Beauty. I was really impressed with this palette as the shadows are well pigmented and they blend nicely. I also like how the shade have names which I feel is needed with the MUA palettes. I really love Topshop lipsticks, they're such good quality. I already have my eyes on two more shades, Rumour Has It & Macaroon. If I do end up buying them you know they'll definitely make an appearance on the blog soon. I've only tried the lipsticks and nail polishes from their makeup range so I'd love to hear suggestions of what I should try next. Oh before I head off to college I've been reading the new Xpose magazine and I absolutely love it! The second issue just launched last week and I'd seriously recommend picking up a copy. The magazine itself comes out monthly and at €2.50 you can't really go wrong as there's a lot of reading to get through in this. I like how all the content is split into different sections, celebrity, fashion etc so you don't have to go rooting from one end of the magazine to the other. My favourite part has to be of course the Beauty section. It's literally jam packed with new releases, brilliant reviews and steal her look pages. The latter is great and shows you how the recreate your favourite celebrity looks which I love. I already feel another shopping trip coming on!

What do you think of Topshop lipsticks? What shades have you tried already?



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