Saturday, February 2, 2013

28 Days of Kisses Tag - Day 2= MAC Glamourdaze

This is my second post in the 28 Kisses lipstick, so only another 26 days to go! I'm really enjoying doing the posts so far and I'm sure I'll discover alot of  my old favourite lippies during the month of February. I'm hoping to do another tag in the next couple of days. The 50 Random Facts About Me, I guess you've all seen it on so many blogs already. I think it sounds really interesting, it may be hard to come up with all the facts though cause fifty is a big number.
I didn't have an eventful day at all today. I pretty much spent the majority of it reorganising my room. I also went on a big walk around Marley Park with one of my friends which was actually really nice. I was surprised at how packed the place was, I guess that's what happens when the first rays of sun break out from behind the clouds. I kept my makeup quite simple with the usual neutral eye look, courtesy of Wet n Wild's Walking On Eggshells palette. This is such a nice little eyeshadow trio to chuck in your makeup bag and the pigmentation is great too. Of course it was only going to be time before I featured a MAC lipstick in one of these posts. The shade I'm wearing above is Glamourdaze which isn't a shade I'd typically go for. As I said in my January Favourites post, if I was looking for something different over the past month this is the lip colour that I've been levitating towards. It's a really nice reddy plum shade that I fell in love with when I first seen it on counter. Maybe it could be a future repromote for the brand, who knows! You more than likely won't be able to get this now as it was a part of their limited collection. Lastly I do find a lot of MAC lipsticks drying on the lips, I've heard that the cremesheen formula is different but that didn't stop me loading my lips with lip balm before I applied this.

I've seen the new upcoming MAC collection, Archie's Girl online and the packaging alone has tempted me to pick up a lipstick or two. After seeing the amount of MAC lipsticks already own, I may pass. Don't be completely surprised if you see one of them on this blog though as I always tend to cave when it comes to pretty packaging.


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