Thursday, February 21, 2013

28 Days of Kisses - Day 21 = YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in Frivolous Pink

Tomorrow is Pay Day and I couldn't be more excited. February is indeed the shortest month of the year but for me it seemed like the longest. I guess this resulted from it being my birthday month, I treated myself to a lot. I'm not going to go to wild this month considering I have two holidays to save for London and New York, I have a feeling a lot of shopping will be done in both locations so I can't wait. One thing I do want to buy this month is the new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. I've seen a couple of reviews on numerous blogs and it sounds really nice. I just haven't seen it in my local Boots yet so hopefully it's instock tomorrow.
I got this YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in the January Sales after Christmas. I haven't given it too much loving since I bought it. Frivolous Pink is a baby pink shade that is definitely brighter on the lips then I though it would be. This is probably why I haven't used it too much since I bought it. A shame seeing as I love the brand and the packaging of this product is so luxurious, the lipstick itself smells pretty nice too. This lipstick is extremely pigmented with a creamy formula which is a good thing but sadly I just don't think it looks too well on my lips. As it have a very creamy formula I also find it kinda messy to apply too and there's been certain occasions where I've found this on my teeth. I find this lipstick unflattering when I'm having one of those dry lip moments too. I've heard the brand have brought out new Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks, I have a feeling these gems will suit me better. They leave a nice glossy finish on the lips which is right down my street as opposed to the opaque finish of the original Rouge Volupte. I've been trying to use Frivolous Pink more by smudging it when I apply it. This is a bit time consuming but after spending so much money on this lipstick I really want to make it work.

Any suggestions on how to make this lipstick more wearable?



  1. I really like this colour on you. I have never got on with the YSL Rouge volupt. x

  2. Thanks hun:) I know I just don't know what it is about these lipsticks, they just don't work for me at all. Looking forward to trying their new Rouge Volupte Shines they look beautiful xxx


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