Monday, February 25, 2013

28 Days of Kisses-Day 25 = Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer

YAY I finally got my advertising assignment done today, bar a few references here and there it's pretty much complete. I HATE leaving things until the last minute and that was definitely the case with this seeing as it's due to be handed in on Wednesday. I feel like a big weight is off my shoulders and I treated myself to something from MAC while I was in Dundrum today to celebrate. When I came home today their was two boxes waiting for me at the door. The lovely Chie sent me some amazing goodies from the States, she was way too good to me. I wasn't expecting it at all so after the stress of this assignment it definitely made me feel better. I'll be putting up a post soon to show you guys all the lovely bits she got me.
(Excuse my weird baby hair fringe, dunno what's going on at the moment)

The product I've been using on my lips today is Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector (what a mouthful) in Rose Shimmer. I love this stuff! This product is raved about among bloggers. I haven't splurged and bought the full size yet but I'm sure it will only be short period of time before I do. I got this in one of their Christmas gift sets which are definitely worth investing in as you get so much. The Lip Perfectors are so light and not sticky at all on the lips. I use mine on it's own as I feel like it gives just the right amount of colour. It's a "my lips but better" shade and just so easy to work with. I seen on a couple of other blogs (Vivianna Does Makeup &  British Beauty Blogger) that the brand are adding three more shades to this range in May, I know I'll be swatching them when they hit counters.

What do you think of this bloggers' favourite? Have you tried it yourself?



  1. I was in MAC in Dundrum today too to treat myself to something nice after submitting a gazillion assignments today! Am I wrong in thinking the Clarins lip perfectors are plumping? I feel like I made that up..
    H xx

  2. Very pretty color! I haven't tried much of Clarins!


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