Wednesday, February 13, 2013

28 Days of Kisses- Day 13 = Nivea Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter

I thought I'd do something different for today and show you guys a lip product that I've been showing a lot of love to lately. Nivea's Vanilla & Macadmia lip butter is my new favourite lip product. I bought this on the 1st of February and I've been using it before applying my lipsticks  so far during this tag. It's very moisturising on the lips and wow it smells so yummy! It's one of those products that I could happily sit around smelling all day long. I always carry it around in my bag as it's such a nifty size. For €2.95 in Boots, you really can't go wrong with this gem.
This gorgeous product is already in the running for a place in my February Favourites at the end of the month. Nivea have a selection of three other lip butters to choose from, Raspberry Rose Kiss, Caramel Cream Kiss and Smooth Kiss (non scented). I seriously want them all they're so nice! It's good to know they won't break the bank either.

By the way, sorry this post is super late again you guys. College and work are starting to get seriously in the way of things. I left the house at 8 o'clock today and I've only arrived home now, only cause I stayed out to walk the Real Madrid v United match after college. It was a must, I'm delighted United got their away goal, makes things easier when they play their home fixture. In other news I got my first assignment results back, I got a Merit in Marketing and I'm beyond chuffed with myself.

Do you have your eye on any of the Nivea lip butters?


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  1. I just got this as my new lip balm to use while sick (which I currently am) I think I'm going to have to buy another one to use when I'm not sick. I'm extremely surprised how moisturizing this is! I completely understand how tough school is, good luck!


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