Saturday, February 9, 2013

28 Days of Kisses - Day 9=Clarins Rouge Prodige lipstick in Dark Cherry

This is a lipstick that I'd never imagine myself wearing as I'm a more neutral lippie sort of girl. Clarins Rouge Prodige in Dark Cherry is a intense cherry red shade. Before I get into what I think of the product, let me just say it doesn't show up too well in the picture below. I think my camera has had its day, it's not taking good pictures anymore at all. Plus the lighting is terrible!  The lipstick comes out more of a bright shade when in fact it's more of a vampy red in person. I'm surprised to tell you guys I actually ended up rather liking this lipstick. I know I'm in shock myself! I did dab it down a bit to get a more wearable shade for me but that aside I did really like it  Throughout this year I've decided to use more vibrant shades and stop being so scared of them. I have quite dark hair so they should work well for me, but I just feel self conscious wearing them on my lips. Does anyone else feel the same?
Today I headed into town to meet Paddy. Seeing as it's my birthday next Friday he wanted to have a look around the shops and pick out some presents for me. Yes they are mostly beauty related and I love them! I can't show you guys cause he took them home with him to put up for my birthday. I'll definitely do a post though after my birthday to show you guys the gifts I got. I did pick him up some bits in town for Valentines Day aswell. I got him a Brian Cox book and a jumper. My craft skill are coming out and I'm also making him a collage of photos of us. It's something thoughtful and special, I know he'll love it.

What do you think of this Clarins lipstick? Do you like bright vibrant shades?



  1. I really like this lipstick :) It really suits you x

    1. Thanks Sunny! I wasn't too gone on it at first but it has really grown on me lately! I may pick up another shade xx

  2. I've never heard of this brand... which is weird!

    It looks gorgeous on you! :)

    xo, Nykki

    1. Oh it's a french brand, I'm pretty sure it's available in the States too. I love it, they always come out with gorgeous seasonal collections.

      Awww thanks so much Nykki xxx

  3. swiss swoo you look ever so lovely, I mush try this shade, it's to die for !!!!
    Come on and spill what did he get you :P


    1. Awww thanks Hannah! I love Clarins lipsticks I'll have to pick up a few more soon.

      HAHA I can't yet I think he'd kill me lol. I'll definitely pop up a post after the day xx


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