Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunny Days in Dublin

The past few days in Dublin have been scorchers. We don't usually get the nice weather here but when we do it's amazing. There's so many things to do in Ireland but with the weather being terrible pretty much all year round, your not really given much time to take it all in. I've been making the most of it, my boyfriend and I have been going on so many Dart trips. I can't say I got a tan or anything to show for it but we had an amazing time.

Here's a few pictures of our travels to Dun Laoighre, Dalkey and just around the town in general. I hope we get more nice days like these so we can get out and about more often. Dun Laoighre was such a contrast to my birthday were there was nothing but horrible grey skies.

What have you been doing to enjoy this beautiful weather?


Monday, May 28, 2012

Urban Decay's Build Your Own Palette

Urban Decay are forever releasing new palettes that I instantly fall in love with it. The latest is their first ever build your own palette. All their current eyeshadows have been reformulated and repackaged to fit in with this new release. When I first heard about this palette I added it to my wishlist. Luckily my lovely boyfriend bought it for me on a recent shopping trip. Of course I couldn't wait to go home and play around with it. The palette itself comes with an exclusive eyeshadow, Walk of Shame and a travel sized Good Karma eyeshadow brush. I love Walk of Shame, I've been using it all over the lid lately with No7's Truffle in the crease. Both make a gorgeous everyday eye look which is easy peasy.

From the outside, the packaging is similar to Naked 2 in the sense that it's metallic but that's where the similarities end. I love the fun design on the the palette, I definitely wouldn't be embarrassed to pull this out of my bag. It's alot wider that the Naked palette as it has room for six full sized eyeshadows. Alot of brands have come out with their own spins on custom palettes but Urban Decay's offering is one of my favourites. The new packaging means you have a place to put eyeshadows when you want to switch them around. The palettes I own already don't give me the option to do that. I don't know about you but for me, leaving an eyeshadow pan on my dresser means a) it's going get broken or b) it's going to go walk abouts. Not that it was easy for me to take the pan out of the new packaging. I'm not going to lie it took me a while to work out how to do it right. I decided to buy another eyeshadow to go in the palette as I felt Walk of Shame was a bit lonely by itself. I went for Bordello which is a mauvey pink shade. I don't know about this one it looks really nice swatched but I haven't been giving it enough love lately.

Price wise, this palette is a lot more expensive than other Urban Decay palettes. It cost €17.00 for the palette, the brush and the exclusive eyeshadow. Each eyeshadow after that is €17.50, if you were to fill up a palette it would set you back €104.50. Shocking, I know seeing as their famous Naked Palettes retail for around the €40 mark. I couldn't see anyone (myself included) fill up this palette in one go. I would rather purchase an eyeshadow or two each month to pop in. For convenience only, I'd almost prefer to bring this palette on holidays with me as I can select what eyeshadows I want and it's just the perfect size. It also has a huge mirror which isn't a deal breaker for me but it's always handy to have.

Will you be forking out on this palette or sticking to the Naked Palette?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Storage Bits

I'm in the process of tidying my room again. I probably chose the worst time to it as the sun is shining out which doesn't happen enough. I don't know how my room gets so untidy, I clean it and then less than two weeks later it's a total mess. How does that even make sense? I do have a lot of storage but I've come to the conclusion that I just have too much stuff. A big clean out is certainly in order.

I picked up two storage bits when I visited Moss Cottage recently. I love this shop and if you live near Dundrum you have to visit it. I did a post a while ago on products I bought there, you can have a look here. The stock available is beautiful and if you like vintage stuff you'll definitely love this place. Both items I got wouldn't be regularly classed as makeup storage but I think they work really well. I fell in love with the tiny vintage chest when I first spotted it. I decided then and there that I couldn't leave the shop without it. Jenni told me she picked a few bits up in France and this was one of them. I like everything about it especially the floral artwork. It was pricey at €14.95 but I'm in love with it so it was worth every penny. I haven't decided what to use this for, I'm thinking nail polish but I may change my mind. Next up I have my Beauty Bits and Bobs jar were I'm storing the products I want to use more. Basically the ones I feel like I've neglected or haven't given enough love to in the last while. Being a airtight jar, I don't close it as I'm sure that's bad and will make the products go funny. As you can see there are quite a few in there, so you may see them in a empties post soon. In Moss Cottage there was a selection of jars like this one in all different sizes. I got the largest one available and it cost €4.95, which I thought was such a bargain. I love how there's a little label included that you can write on, it's such a nice touch. I'm planning on going back and buying a few more.

Do you have any storage ideas or tips you'd like to share?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Butter London's Backstage Basics Set

I've always been fond of Butter London nail polishes, they have a huge range of shades that would suit any occasion. I don't own too many of their polishes but the ones I do have I love. I bought their Holiday Glitter Trio in December last year and I use them all to add a bit of sparkle. They apply beautifully and look gorgeous in general. I do adore glitter polishes even though they can be a bit of a nightmare to remove.

Butter London's Backstage Basics set is great if your new to the brand. Being the nail lacquer of choice at Fashion Week, this little gem contains all the essentials needed to get a beautiful nail look. This kit includes a Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat, A Nail Lacquer, Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat, Powder Room Nail Polish Remover and a cute little Butter London Nail File.

I'm guilty of not using a basecoat, I can't stand when my nails get stained from nail polishes so I will be using one more often. I like how this particular one can be used alone or under a polish. Out of all the topcoats I've used, Hardwear Topcoat is by far my favourite. I only needed one coat and it dried instantly, great for when your in a hurry. It also leaves a lovely glossy finish to the nails but if this is something you don't like there's a matte option available. I'll be definitely repurchasing this topcoat when it ruins out. Both the topcoat and the basecoat come in big bottles as you only need one coat I can see them last forever. When I first saw the brush for both these products, I thought they were going to be a nightmare to apply but that wasn't the case at all. I've actually used the Powder Room Polish Remover in the past, I really like it, I wish it came in a bigger size bottle though. I'd definitely buy one if they did. Another thing I love about this set is that you can choose the nail polish you want. I think this just adds something special as there has been times when I see sets were I don't particularly like the shades included. Yummy Mummy is the polish that came in my set and I've been rocking it alot on my nails. It's a neutral beige shade which I think would suit anyone, perfect for everyday. I applied two coats of Yummy Mummy along with the base and topcoat to get the results below.

For €50, I don't think you can go wrong with this set. I've seen the basecoat and topcoat retail for €22.50 in some stores and the polishes are €15 on there own. This would also make a lovely gift for someone (I know I would love it) or even if you wanted to treat yourself. Butter London's Backstage Basics set is available online or from Avoca and Fran and Jane stores.

What do you think of this Butter London set? What polishes should I try next??


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Monday, May 21, 2012

No7's Summer Of Dreams Collection

I was strolling through Boots picking up some gifts when I spotted the latest No7 Collection. Summer of Dreams contains a bronzer, two glitter polishes, four eyeshadow crayons and two lip shines. I feel like this collection was made with me in mind as I absolutely love everthing. The eyeshadow crayons were nowhere to be seen at my counter. Apparently there was a problem with their delivery and they never arrived hopefully I'll get to catch a glimpse of them soon. I was planning on doing a bit of window shopping as I don't get paid for ages. That was until the lovely sales assistant told me that the No7 vouchers were back. Possibly the worst thing she could of done as I went into spending mode. I was good though and bought two products that appealed to me the most.

The No7 Summer of Dreams bronzer has the most gorgeous packaging I've ever seen it caught my eye right away. The fancy glitter on the product is overspray and will come off after a couple of uses. It costs €17.50 but along with the voucher it ended up being €10. For that price I think it's such a bargain. The packaging looks so luxurious, I can see this being the stand out of the collection. I'll be certainly carrying this around in my makeup bag this Summer. The other product I picked up was their Nourishing Lip Shine which is a replica of the Clarins Lip Perfector. There's two shades to choose from, I went for the peachy offering as it's something I could see myself using everyday. This was €14.50 without the voucher, it would of been €7 if I had one. Being more than half the price of the Clarins Lip Perfectors, I can see these being snatched up as they are a cheaper alternative. 

I've yet to test these out so I can't comment on them much. I'll have reviews up shortly were you can see my thoughts on both products.

Have you picked up any products from the Summer of Dreams Collection?


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Philosophy Field of Flowers Shower Gel & Body Lotion

Philosophy is a brand that hasn't been widely available in Ireland in recent years. A month ago I was rambling over Arnotts when I came across a Philosophy stand. I was with my boyfriend at the time so I don't think he really understood my excitement at all. Of course I spent ages smelling their shower gels, I ended up falling in love with Cinnamon Buns. Paddy treated me to it and I've been using it repeatedly in the shower. Wow if you like Cinnamon as much as I do you'll definitely appreciate this. Philosophy also have a range of skincare products which I've read good reviews on so perhaps I might try them in the future.

The latest Philosophy product I've tried is their Field of Flowers Shower Gel (€17.50) and I love it. The best way I can describe this is Spring/Summer in a bottle. It has a beautiful floral scent which I think will be very popular. The packaging also stands out and fits in very nicely with the name of the product. Like all Philosophy shower gels this is a 3 in 1 product and can be used as a bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo. I've been using mine mostly as a shower gel as I have a sensitive scalp that tends to flare up. I've heard from other bloggers that it's a brilliant shampoo and they can't recommend it enough. This shower gel also comes in a body lotion (€25.00) which is ginormous. I really don't see this running out for a while. The product itself sinks into my skin quickly without leaving me feeling greasy at all. My skin is left smelling amazing and feeling soft. This ties in perfectly with the Field of Flowers Shower Gel as it have the same heavenly scent. It comes with a pump which means you can control how much product you use and it makes for easy application. Both of these would make a lovely gift for someone. My Mom is absolutely in love with the scent so I may be picking her one up for her birthday shortly. Both products may come across as a bit pricey but have you seen the size of them? They are sure to last for ages or if you have a family like mine probably not as long!

What's your favourite product from Philsophy? What should I try next?


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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Body Shop's "Beauty With Heart" Launch

On Monday I attended my first Body Shop event which I was so excited about. I've used alot of their products over the years, most recently their Chocomania range. It's one of those smells that people either love or hate and I personally love it. The event itself marked the launch of the Beauty With Heart campaign. Through this movement, The Body Shop want their customers to Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good when using their products. In a nut shell, the aim of the campaign is to promote beauty as more than skin deep.

While there we got to have a look at the new products being added to their range. A new limited edition make up line was launched and everything looks so beautiful. The whole collection is 100% Cruelty Free and Vegetarian, it contains an array of gorgeous products and I certainly have my eye on a few of time. Aswell as Lily Cole's Limited Edition makeup range, there's Body Mists and Beautifying Oils. Both in a range of much loved scents which will work great alongside your favourite body butters. The Beautifying Oils can be used on the face, body and hair (for those of you that like multi purpose products). At the event I hardly recognised the body butters, they've gotten a brand new look. The new designs are lovely, it shows a one lone natural ingredient from the product. The packaging now is also 100% recyclable which is great to here and will benefit the environment. Did you know that one tub of Body Butter is sold worldwide every two seconds? that is a lot of Body Butters indeed.

The Body Shop organised an amazing event, I had such a great time. As I arrived a bit early I got my hair curled which looked so pretty. I tend to straighten my hair alot so it was a nice change. Hopefully I can copy the style at home without making a mess. After that I got a mini makeover using the new Lily Cole makeup range. The pretty pink packaging caught my eye right away and makes this range stand out in the store. I was already wearing makeup so I decided to try the Lip & Cheek Dome in Crazy Coral (love this shade) and the Pearl Radiance Primer. The latter was used as a highlighter and looked fab! It's early days but both of these products could be my favourites from the collection.

I have tried some of the products that I got in my goody bag, the Strawberry Body Mist in particular smells amazing. I'll be popping up some reviews soon so keep an eye out.

What do you think of the new products to hit The Body Shop?


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slimming World - An Update

Four weeks ago I started my weight loss journey by joining Slimming World. In My 2012 Goals I mentioned getting fit but until recently I've let that slide and never got around to starting anything. I've joined a few of these groups in the past and to be honest they never worked for me. I would get on great for a while and then lose all motivation completely and leave. I can't say that has happened with Slimming World, I could probably say it's the best thing that I've joined all year.When you start up you pay a registration fee of €18 and every week after that it's €9. After seeing how well my Aunty got on with the program I couldn't wait to start. My Mom and I go to our meetings every Tuesday and it's so great to have her support. 
As I said I started this class a month ago, I went in with no expectations. I feel when you aim high sometimes you can be let down so I just take it one week at a time. I couldn't be happier with the results I've seen in the past four weeks, since I started I've lost 1st &3lbs in total. This has never happened on any other plan so I was definitely encouraged. I feel like my diet has changed in the past month, I've cut down on portion sizes and also drink so much water (like a camel). I also made a decision to stop eating bread/sweeties. I don't really have a sweet tooth at all so I haven't been missing the odd chocolate now and again. I was totally surprised with the bread as I thought it would be much harder to cut out but it really wasn't. After taking all these things out of my diet, I can tell you that I have a new found love for hummus (low fat variety). I hated it as a child but now I can't get enough it tastes so good.

Exercise wise, I've been walking alot more. I haven't started the gym as of yet, in the past it hasn't been my favourite place to go but this is a new chapter in my life so it's worth looking into. I've heard spinning classes are amazing even though your apparently wrecked the next day, so I might give them a go. My sister's fiance Keith has also been helping me fitness wise as he's a trained personal trainer and nutritionist so it certainly helps to have support. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Liz Earle Colour Collection

After the success of their Sheer Skin Tint last year, Liz Earle have come out with a gorgeous new makeup collection. The Colour range contains everything from blushes (cream and powder) to mascara. I love the packaging, it's a beautiful shimmery dark blue just like the Sheer Skin Tint. A couple of blushes and lipglosses have already been added to my Wish List, they all come in lovely wearable shades. I don't find the collection to be overly expensive either, price wise the products range from £10.50/€12.00 (Mascara Base) to £21.00/€23.75 for the Sheer Skin Tint.

Unfortunately the collection won't be hitting Wilde and Green for the foreseeable future. Don't let this worry you as all the products are available online and yes Liz Earle's website delivers to Ireland too. I'm heading over to Manchester in July for a week so I'll be popping into John Lewis in the Trafford Centre to have a look at everything. Unless I cave by then and buy some bits online which I can certainly see happening, but I'm trying to be good and save for my trip.

What do you think of the new Liz Earle Colour range? Do you have your eye on anything?


Friday, May 11, 2012

Essie Nail Polishes Now Available At Boots

When I popped into Boots in Jervis St before an event on Wednesday, I was surprised to see a Essie stand. This brand was always near impossible to come across in Ireland.  I would always have to order a couple of polishes off the Beauty Bay website. Boots have a great selection, not the full range  but still some lovely shades to choose from. The layout of the stand is great as all the neutrals, blues, greens etc. are paired together which makes for easy browsing.

I bought a polish, Fiji which I adore. I got so many comments in work about it, everyone seemed to be a fan of the shade. The only thing I don't like about the polishes is the ridiculously steep price tag of €12.99. In the States you can get these for around the $8/$9 mark which converts back to less than €7. I don't understand how it's worked out at double the price here to be honest, even on Beauty Bay they cost €10.20. The nail polishes are good quality, so I'd consider buying some again but I still can't get over the price.   

What's your favourite Essie polish? Would you like to see a NOTD using Fiji


Monday, May 7, 2012

An Essential from Vichy (plus free gift with purchase)

Everybody likes a free gift with purchase now and again, I know I do. A few days ago I ran out of my Vichy Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution, at €14.75 for 400ml you really can't go wrong. They do have a option for oily skin but I found that it stung my eyes a little so I started using this alternative. This size bottle lasted for about a month and a half which wasn't bad going. I like how it comes with a pump as it's much easier to dispense the product. I use two pumps on four cotton pads to cleanse and remove my makeup at night. This micellar solution works really well and doesn't leave me with any redness which I find makeup wipes can sometimes.

 As soon as I finished my last bottle, I popped into a shop to buy a new one. While I was there I saw that there was a free gift with purchase when you spent €25. I was already spending €14.75 on the Micellar Solution so I only needed to add a bit more than €10. There's one thing I dislike about free gifts, I always seem to buy stuff for the sake of buying it. After shopping around the stand, I finally decided on something I'd actually use, Vichy's Dermablend Setting Powder. I went to a Vichy event a bit over a month ago and I heard such great things about this powder, it's supposed to work great with their corrective foundations. I'm not too sure how this will work with other foundations but I'll put it to the test.

Here's the lovely free gift I got, four miniature products all in a gorgeous little bag. It's the perfect size for my makeup when I'm travelling as I can see everything inside. The selection of minis are great too, included was Capital Soleil sunscreen, Aqualia Thermal Rich Moisturiser, Calming Micellar Solution and Eau Thermal Spray. Everything you get in the gift set is great, if your person who hasn't tried much products from the brand it's definitely something to look out for. These are available while stocks last and I can see them going pretty quick indeed.

What Vichy products have you tried??


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask

Like any girl I enjoy using face masks. I find them so relaxing and there a great way to unwind after a long day. In recent weeks, I've been unbelieveably busy, so I've had little time to use any form of masks for hair or face. They just take too long and I don't have 10/15 minutes to burn while they get to work.

That's until I tried Liz Earle's Brightening Treatment Mask*. This stuff has been a lifesaver when I've been super busy. It's quick and easy and only takes two minutes to use. In the mornings I take two pumps and apply it to my face, wait two minutes, and voila, done! I use the muslin cloth which comes in the Starter kit to wipe away the product. This mask also comes in a tube but I personally prefer the pump. I find that I don't waste any product with it. As with all Liz Earle products, this has a gorgeous herbal scent, I can certainly smell the witch hazel. While using the mask, my face does tingle slightly but it states on the back that this will happen. This mask gives my skin a much needed boost and leaves it looking nice and refreshed. I can see this lasting a long time as it's a good size tube and you only need two pumps. Liz Earle have two other face masks in their skincare range, I've used the Deep Cleansing Mask in the past and I love it.

What's your favourite face mask? Have you tried any from Liz Earle?


Friday, May 4, 2012

Little bits from MAC's Hey Sailor & Reel Sexy Collections

Yesterday I popped into BT2 to have a look at the new MAC collections, Hey Sailor and Reel Sexy on counter. When I was viewing Hey Sailor online, so many products caught my eye, but instore only two appealed to me in person. I can be put off by some limited edition packaging but I like this one alot. The navy and white nautical stripes definitely works for the sailor themed collection. I decided on two lip products which may not surprise people as that's what my makeup bag mostly consists of.

Red Racer is my first red lipstick ever. It's always been a colour that I didn't think I'd be able to pull off. I wore it on my lips all day yesterday and I absolutely love it. It will definitely glam up any look over the Summer that's for sure. The Suntint in Au Rose also caught my eye. I know I'll use this alot and it will be handy to have in my makeup bag. Like MAC's lip conditioner, the suntints are very moisturising. I may go back and treat myself to Abalone as you can't ever have too much lip balms over the Summer.

 I didn't know that the Reel Sexy collection was being released on the same day so I hadn't seen any of the products prior. The mineralize skinfinish, Lightscapade is a relaunch which I'm in two minds about getting, have any of you tried it?

I picked up yet another lip product from this range. Pink Popcorn is more toned down than Red Racer. It is described as a lavender shade on MAC's website but it swatches pink as you can see.  I can see it being one of those lipsticks that some will call purple and some pink. I wore this on my lips today and I loved it, gorgeous everyday shade.

Here's a picture of Red Racer in action, if your contemplating getting it yourself. It's definitely one of the more wearable reds I've tried. I know some in the past have not suited me too well at all.

What do you think of the new MAC collections?? Did anything catch your eye??


Thursday, May 3, 2012

SOS Save Our Skin Press Launch

Last week I attended the SOS (Save Our Skin) press launch which was hosted by La Roche Posay. The month of May is Melanoma Awareness Month, an annual global initiative that aims to promote the early detection and prevention of skin cancer. The focus this year is to raise awareness amongst men. With the horrible weather we as a country experience per year, it's hard to believe that skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland but sadly it's true. Even on the cloudiest of days, it's still important to wear some form of sun protection. I tend to forget to apply suncream on the hottest days, but after attending this event I hope to be more careful.

At the event La Roche Posay unveiled their new Public Awareness Video which I feel will make a big impact. Some can usually come across preachy from the get go, but this is not like that at all. For me this video shows the importance of getting regular skin checks with your GP.

When you join the SOS Save Our Skin Cause here, La Roche Posay will make a donation to the Melanoma Trust. If you haven't done your good deed for the day, this will change that as your helping to raise awareness.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Favourites

For me the month of April flew by as I was working non-stop. I planned on doing more posts but being busy meant I didn't manage to do as many as I would of liked. This month I'll try to be a good blogger and post regularly. With it being the first day of Summer yesterday I was surprised to see the terrible rain we had, where are you Mr Sun?

 I seen mixed reviews on this foundation before I bought it, so I wasn't expecting alot. I've been using it throughout April and I really like it. Getting up in the mornings I tend to look exhausted and this makes me look fresh as a daisy. It does stay on my face throughout the day but by no means do I think it would last 16 hours. I'm currently using the shade 52 Vanilla, which is a perfect match for my skin. I apply this using my Real Techiques and it gives a lovely finish.

I've already done a mini review on this product which you can have a look at here. I've used about a third of this bottle since I've bought it, it's definitely my favourite drugstore primer. Don't get me wrong, it may be pricey, but I only use two pumps for my entire face so I can see this lasting a while.

This was a sneaky purchase during the month of April, I'm glad I caved in on this one. The Extra Dimension SkinFinish is a gorgeous highlighter that blends beautifully into the skin. I've also been using mine as a eyeshadow for a nice sweep of colour over the lid. I got the shade Superb and I can see this being in my favourites for a while to come.

I purchased two Revlon Colorburst lipglosses recently and Bellini is my favourite. It's a gorgeous everyday peach shade which I've been using constantly. I also got Crystal Water which is lovely but Bellini has been used more this month. I may pick up some more Revlon lipglosses the next time I'm in Boots, if there is any shades you'd recommend let me know.

As I said in my April Empties post, I've been a bit blush obsessed recently. My current favourite is MAC's Pink Tea which is from their Tres Cheek collection. It gives a natural flush of colour to my cheeks, perfect for everyday. Besides Pink Tea I only have one other MAC blush, I certainly see myself  purchased some more. I think it's a shame this didn't come in pan form.

My boyfriend bought me this showergel  and WOW does it smell good. I adore anything that has a cinnamon scent, as you can see by the name this was a match made in heaven. This is a 3in1 product (shampoo, bubble bath and showergel) having a sensitive scalp and no bath, I've been using this as a showergel. There's not much more I can say on this product, but if like me your cinnamon mad you'll love it. For those of you who use Philsophy products, is it actually a real recipe on the front of the bottle?

I bought a couple of Real Techniques brushes when they first arrived on the scene and this is by far my favourite. The buffing brush applies my foundation beautifully, I wish they sold it individually as I would buy another. I've heard mixed reviews on the eye brush set, I would love to know your thoughts on it if you've tried them.

Here is the mystery hair oil I've been loving lately. A new release from Loreal Elvive, I seen this in my local McCabes pharmacy were it was on offer for €6, which for a bottle this size is amazing. I went for the coloured hair option. After I use this my hair is left feeling soft, a big different from the mess it's been lately. As I only need two pumps I can see this bottle lasting forever (well a long time anyway!). I like how this is also a all round product that I can use in my hair before I wash it and as a finishing product. I think it's great that affordable brands are bringing out more amazing hair oils when there are so many expensives ones on the market.

What products have you enjoyed using during April??