Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2012 Goals!

Can't believe I'm writing my first post of 2012. 2011 brought me a mixture of good and bad moments, but definitely more good times than not. I made myself a list of goals for 2012 that I thought I'd share with you all. I don't like calling them resolutions as that sounds rather constricting and they more than likely won't happen. Anyway if you want to change something in your life, there's nothing stopping you from doing it whatever the time of year. I really can't wait to see what this year has in store, if it's as good as last year I'll be happy!

My Goals

Be Healthy
This is a pretty broad goal. This year I want to start going to the gym aswell as eating healthy. I'm going to start eating the right things first and continuing on from there. I'm really not a fruit and vegetable person so I have to work on that. I only like apples and carrots, don't know what's wrong with me. This goal always starts well and ends badly so this is definitely one I want to stick to.

Read More
Looking through my room today, I've seen so many books I haven't read yet. If I counted them all I'd get a headache. I think the reason for this is work, so I'm going to challenge myself to read maybe two books a month. I also have a sneaky suspicion that my Parents are getting me a Kindle for my 22nd birthday in February. I'm hoping to have some books read by then, maybe not them all but some. Currently in the middle of The Maze Runner trilogy, so far so good I like it.

Travelling is a big goal of mine. I love exploring new places and seeing different cultures. I doubt I'd be able to afford to go to some tropical destination in 2012 but it won't stop me going to some destinations around Europe. I've been to Paris, Sardinia, Barcelona, Albufeira (Portugal) and Manchester, I loved everyone of these place so much. I'd like to go back to Barcelona but I also want to visit somewhere new. Two places I have in mind are Edinburgh and Rome, if I go to both of these places by they end of the year I'll be extremely happy!

Blog Regularly 
Firstly I find it so hard to believe that I'll be blogging for nine months at the end of January. Time goes fast! I love blogging so much and I've met so many amazing people in the past couple of months. Working alot sometimes prevents me from getting regular posts up which can be annoying. I'm hoping that in 2012 I can get up a few posts a week (at least two). I enjoy writing posts and reading all your responses in the comments. If there is any particular post you'd like to see this year, let me know!

Save Money
Seeing as I want to travel this year, saving is a must. I have no problem with saving money but I do feel I could put away more. I do spend quite alot on makeup and skincare, I feel a spending ban may come into play sometime in 2012.

Use up More Makeup
Since starting to write monthy "Empties" post I've certainly used up alot of products. Hopefully this year   I finish even more. I may challenge myself to finish five products before I buy a new one. I think this is definitely going to be a hard one for me so I can't wait to see how it goes.

That's all my goals, six in total. I'm hoping to achieve them all. I may do a update every month or so to let you know how I'm getting on, undecided as of yet.

Have you made yourself any goals for 2012?



  1. These are all excellent goals, and all what I should live by! Good luck :)

  2. Lol urs is to use ul more make up, mine is too buy more :)

  3. need to think about what i want from 2012, its so weird wrtiing 2012!!!!

  4. @princesselfy Thanks so much hun.. they are somewhat achieveable so hopefully that works in my favour!:) xx

    @MissPenelope I have too much at the moment so I really want to try and use up as much as possible before I purchase new products! x

    @Laura I know I still can't believe it's 2012 either last year completely flew by xx

  5. Good luck! I have sooo many goals, and definitely need to add yours to my list haha!

    Plus I can't believe I dont have a 2012 diary! Thanks for the reminder :P xx

  6. @Carrie Thanks so much love!! Hopefully I stick to them all now:) Oh my Mom got me that 2012 Diary in Tesco, I love it!! So cute!! xx

  7. I love reading everyone's resolutions. I definitely want to save money and blog more too :) Good luck with yours x


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