Friday, January 20, 2012

Kings & Queens Bath and Body Collection!

Having been around for a while, Kings & Queens is a brand I haven't heard much about. The products are inspired by herbs and spices used by Kings and Queen of times gones by (hence the name). The packaging design is unique and stands out which I was immediately drawn to. The range itself features everything from lovely soaps to gorgeous body butters. I was lucky enough recently to be sent a few products from the brand to try.

Kings & Queens King Sumatra Pepper Bergamot Shower Gel
King Sumatra Pepper Bergamot is my least favourite from the products I tried, mainly because I'd consider this more of a men's scent.. If I tried a different scent I'd probably like it more. The showergel is great and lathers rather nicely. The scent stays a while after showering.

Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey Body Milk
Does exactly what I'd expect a body milk to do. Nefertiti Honey is extremely light but also moisturising, it left my skin so soft. This smells amazing like pure honey. I'm a big fan of it! At first it may come across a bit strong for some people but it settles into a nice soft scent.

Kings & Queens Tsar Peter Tobacco Soap
When my Mom seen this soap, it reminded her of the carbolic soap she used when she was younger. I was really intrigued to see what this was going to smell like. I thought this would be a scent I wouldn't like. I was expecting it to be very strong, but in fact it was just musky. Still not something I'd use on a regular basis,I think Tsar Peter Tobacco Soap is more aimed at men. The soap gives a good lather and this size is sure to last for ages.

Kings & Queens Queen Isabella Cinnamon Orange Shimmering Body Milk
This is exactly the same as Nefertiti Honey Body Milk except it contains a light shimmer. Queen Isabella's Cinnamon Orange Shimmering Body Milk would be great to use before nights out over tan or on holidays as it leaves you with a gorgeous glow. The Cinnamon Orange scent is my favourite scent of the bunch, it's just smells so amazing. I very tempted to purchase some more Cinnamon Orange scented products from the range.

Kings & Queens Caspar Myrrh Body Butter
I was expecting not to like this scent but I was left pleasantly surprised as it's actually quite nice. Rich and spicy it wouldn't be a scent I'd use all the time maybe if I wanted something different. The body butter itself is thick but not enough to leave you feeling greasy/oily. This would be perfect for people suffering with dry skin. I don't think the Myrrh scent would appeal to many people, it's also available in three others.

This is a brand I could see of lot of people liking because of the story behind each product. I love how at the back of each product it tells you a bit about each King or Queen that used the spice or herb. The sizes of each product is very generous and I can see them lasting a long time. If I was to recommend one particular scent from the range it would have to be Cinnamon Orange (my favourite).

Kings & Queens Bath and Body Collection is available to buy online.



  1. Oh never tried this range before!! Might have to, the packaging of these is really pretty!! :)


    1. I love the packaging too it's so nice!!:):) I'd recommend trying the Cinnamon Orange products there so nice xxx

  2. heyy :) i've just given you an award on my blog, please come check it out? here's the url straight to the post xx

  3. It is such a nice range... I love the Shimmering Body Milk!! xx

  4. It would be great if we have this range in Singapore....- which I think it is quite impossible!

    1. Maybe check online... I'm not too sure they do though xx

  5. I've never heard of this brand but the scents sound lovely. I'm a sucker for anything cinnamon and the Nefertiti Honey Body Milk sounds lush. Mixed with The breakfast scrub it'd make for some edible smelling humans. :p x

    1. I'm the same I love Cinnamon scented products.. anything with that scent I immediately fall in love with xx


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