Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lush's Brrrr-illiant Gift Box

Lush's Brrrr-illiant gift box was one of the many Christmas presents I got from my boyfriend, Paddy. I was suprised that he got me something from Lush, it isn't a shop he'd enjoy venturing into on his own. I have to say he did a great job as I love this little set he picked up. I almost didn't want to open it the wrapping paper was so cute!

When I took the wrapping paper off, a fresh citrusy smell took over my room. I'm used to seeing the multi colour foam pieces in Lush gift box but popcorn? That's the first time I've ever seen that.

Brrrr-illiant contains a Snowglobe Soap (100g) and Whoosh Shower Jelly (100g). Snowglobe is a festive favourite of mine and my Mom actually stocked up on it during the sale. I'm not sure if it's still available in stores, a good alternative is Sexy Peel which smells almost the exact same. Lush Shower Jellies are products I haven't used before. I was given one as a gift a while ago but I haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Whoosh smells very fresh, it's described as a mix of energising citrus oils with a blend of rosemary and geranium. Very fancy altogether! Whoosh is a permanent Lush product and is available all year round. Have you tried Lush Shower Jellies? What's the best way to use them without making a mess?

I think both of these products would be really good for early birds as they are so refreshing.

What are your favourite Lush products?



  1. I got the sweetie pie shower jelly for my birthday and the best way I found to use it was to wrestle a small piece off and moosh it into my penneys exfoliating gloves. Loads of foam and its silky soft bubbles all the way!

  2. @Girlwiththeskew-earring Thanks hun, I'll have to go to Penneys to get one tomorrow.. just heard shower jellies can make a mess if you don't use it right! I think a little bits going to go a long way with this product:) x

  3. The popcorn is so odd! I know it's super green and biodegradable, but really... won't it attract bugs and rodents? I wonder what LUSH was thinking.

  4. @Jenn Staz That's exactly what I was thinking, doesn't sound too pleasant at all xx

  5. I love lush :D Right now I've been loving snow fairy and the mange too massage bar!

  6. @Kelly I love Snow Fairy, my Mom got me two bottles over Christmas! I wish I had of stocked up on it. I want to try one of their face masks next just not sure which one xx


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