Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Shopaholic's Journey #10 - Christmas Sales and Bits

This post has been a long time coming. I wanted to put it up before New Years but I was pretty busy so it got a bit delayed. Being sick over Christmas ment I couldn't go into the sales on Stephen's Day. I was mildly disappointed that I couldn't but there was nothing I could do so there was no point moaning. Last Thursday, I went to Boots to have a look around. To be honest I wasn't really blown away with much stuff I seen on sale. All the Christmas Gift sets were half price so after browsing for a bit, I left with these!

Soap & Glory Yum At Heart set 
I had seen this set before Christmas and needless to say I fell in love with it. Yum At Heart contains a full sized Hand Food and The Breakfast Scrub (my favourite). It also comes with a cute Soap & Glory apron which I think my Mom will love, so I'm going to give it to her. This set was such good value, I paid €10.75 for everything. Each product is worth more than this price so I made quite a saving.

Lipsy London Perfect Pamper set
This set was €6.75 down from €13.50. I would of never paid full price for this set as I don't think it would of been worth the money. All the products are minitatures that I'll get a few uses out of. I think they'd be great for my handbag and for holidays. The scent is gorgeous, very floral.

Accessorize Eau De Toilette set
I've always loved the floral scent of the Accessorize Eau De Toilette. It was €10 for the set which I couldn't really go wrong with. The set also contains a 100 ml body wash and body lotion which makes for great value.

17 Peep Show Mascara in Black
This mascara wasn't on sale but I was really intrigued to see what it's like. Peep Show contains lengthening fibres which claim to lengthen lashes aswell as adding volume. I've only used this once and so far so good I like. I'm going to pop up a review really soon.

These purchases were made better with the fact that I used my Boots Advantage points. I saved up €35 euro worth of points so I thought what better time to use them then during the sales!

I popped back into Boots to look at the perfume sets on sale and left with Vera Wang Lovestruck. I already own a bottle of this but I'm almost all out. I included Lovestruck in my favourites back in July, I  like the scent alot. The set was half price down to €24.75 so it was such a bargain.

I was disappointed that I couldn't go into the Lush Sale as I was sick. I was so happy when my parents popped into Lush when they were in town and got me all these goodies! I love Snow Fairy it has such a yummy scent. My Mom only bought me a large bottle a few weeks ago, so I'm going to keep this one for a backup for when the other runs out. Glogg is a part of the Christmas range too, I've never owned one before so I'm looking forward to trying it. Creamed Almond & Coconut Smoothie is a shower soap with a lovely vanilla scent which I enjoy using. I'm nearly all out the mini tub I got in my Seasons Greetings set so of course I was delighted with this. Last but not least another Snow Globe soap, words cannot describe how much I adore this. It's alot like Sexy Peel, even more citrusy if you could imagine. Snow Globe is just so refreshing, I wish it was available all year round. All these products are sure to last me well into 2012.


Here is some more stuff I picked up in my local pharmacy that wasn't on sale. I've heard alot of good things about both of the above Loreal products, Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara and Superliner Carbon Gloss. I also bought the Essence Circus Circus Longlasting Eyeshadow in 01 It's Magic. I thought this would look nice as a pop of colour all over my eyelid. I'm not going to go into these products too much as I want to wait and try them first. I shall let you know my thoughts soon!

I also bought a few things online ( and Asos) last week with my Christmas money. They haven't arrived as of yet so I'll try to pop up another post when they do.

Have you grabbed any bargains during the sales?



  1. You got a lot of great stuff! I want to try the Soap & Glory at some point soon. I waited too long and the Kat Von D Palette that I wanted from Sephora went on sale and sold out before I could place an order. Boo! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Great buy's I really want to get the 17 peep show mascara x

  3. @Jayme and Mendi Can you get the Soap & Glory range in the states?... I've heard so much good things about the Kat Von D line for Sephora! Aww no way that's a pity, hate when that happens! xx

    @kelly rudd You should definitely try it... I like it, it's definitely good for the price. I think you get a free eyeshadow palette aswell with it at the moment in Boots just didnt see it when I was there xx

  4. Great haul, the 17 mascara is on my to try list! Be great to see a review. I picked the lovestruck set up too, it's lovely but it's so like princess.

  5. awww everything looks so nice!!!

  6. @LucyyLou I'll try to do a review on it very soon:):)....The set was such amazing value wasn't it?.. I know it's alot like Princess, I recently ran out of mine so I think that's why I like it so much:)

    Black Cat Thanks hun glad you liked the post! x


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