Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Butter London's Backstage Basics Set

I've always been fond of Butter London nail polishes, they have a huge range of shades that would suit any occasion. I don't own too many of their polishes but the ones I do have I love. I bought their Holiday Glitter Trio in December last year and I use them all to add a bit of sparkle. They apply beautifully and look gorgeous in general. I do adore glitter polishes even though they can be a bit of a nightmare to remove.

Butter London's Backstage Basics set is great if your new to the brand. Being the nail lacquer of choice at Fashion Week, this little gem contains all the essentials needed to get a beautiful nail look. This kit includes a Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat, A Nail Lacquer, Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat, Powder Room Nail Polish Remover and a cute little Butter London Nail File.

I'm guilty of not using a basecoat, I can't stand when my nails get stained from nail polishes so I will be using one more often. I like how this particular one can be used alone or under a polish. Out of all the topcoats I've used, Hardwear Topcoat is by far my favourite. I only needed one coat and it dried instantly, great for when your in a hurry. It also leaves a lovely glossy finish to the nails but if this is something you don't like there's a matte option available. I'll be definitely repurchasing this topcoat when it ruins out. Both the topcoat and the basecoat come in big bottles as you only need one coat I can see them last forever. When I first saw the brush for both these products, I thought they were going to be a nightmare to apply but that wasn't the case at all. I've actually used the Powder Room Polish Remover in the past, I really like it, I wish it came in a bigger size bottle though. I'd definitely buy one if they did. Another thing I love about this set is that you can choose the nail polish you want. I think this just adds something special as there has been times when I see sets were I don't particularly like the shades included. Yummy Mummy is the polish that came in my set and I've been rocking it alot on my nails. It's a neutral beige shade which I think would suit anyone, perfect for everyday. I applied two coats of Yummy Mummy along with the base and topcoat to get the results below.

For €50, I don't think you can go wrong with this set. I've seen the basecoat and topcoat retail for €22.50 in some stores and the polishes are €15 on there own. This would also make a lovely gift for someone (I know I would love it) or even if you wanted to treat yourself. Butter London's Backstage Basics set is available online or from Avoca and Fran and Jane stores.

What do you think of this Butter London set? What polishes should I try next??


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  1. Have wanted to try Butter London for quite a while but didn't know where to get them, now I do :):)

    Great post, now i'm off to that website, eek!

  2. Thanks Zara:) I know I have my eye on a couple too. I love how there is such a big range on this site compared to in stores you know xx


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