Friday, February 1, 2013

28 Days of Kisses Lipstick Tag - Day 1 =Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in Rose Tweed

The lovely Nykki of Nykki-talks-beauty started a new tag 28 Days of Kisses for the month of February which I definitely wanted to be a part of when I heard about it. Basically I'll be putting up a daily post for the next 28 days showing what lipstick I'm wearing on that given day which is going to be so much fun. This seemed like the perfect tag for me as I have plenty of lipsticks to choose from. While I was in town today I picked up a lip balm (Nivea Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter) to make sure my lips were in tip top condition for doing this tag. Sorry my picture isn't too up to par today, the weather has been dreadful here in Dublin and I was rushing around town all day. I literally had little or no time to take this picture. The picture below was taken at around 4pm and it gets dark by 5pm, no joke. I feel like you can see the lipstick pretty well though which is all that matters really.
Today I chose a lipstick that is a new release that I recently purchased. Rouge Edition is a new lipstick range from Bourjois Paris and they have been getting a lot of mentions throughout the blogosphere already. I went for  #04 Rose Tweed  which is a gorgeous pinky nude shade, definitely falls into the "my lips but better" category. It has a really nice formulation and is not drying at all on the lips.This has quickly becoming my go to lipstick for everyday, I love it! I think another few of these will make it into my collection before the end of the month.

 If you want to see the other beauty bloggers that are taking part in the tag and their chosen lipsticks you can head over to good old Twitter.  If you search #28kisses it will show you all the other lovely ladies that are involved.

What do you think of this tag? Will you be taking part?



  1. I know we're meant to be looking at the lipstick but looord, I LOVE your hat!

    Im taking part in #28kisses too - looking forward to the next 27 days! :)

    Zoe x

    1. Thanks Zoe, I got it in River Island last year. I've been wearing it non stop lately, the weather is just way too cold over here not to.
      I know it's such a good tag, hopefully I'll last the next 27 days xx


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