Monday, February 18, 2013

28 Days of Kisses - Day 18 = MAC Pink Pearl Pop

This is just going to be a quick post before I rush off to college. I can't believe my exams start in less than two months, this year has definitely flow by. I have a couple of assignments left to do so once I get them out of the way I'll have a big weight off my shoulders. After I have my exams and assignments handed in I'm going to start planning my next trip abroad. I'm hoping to go to London for IMATS so we'll see how that pans out. I would love to go as I've never been to this city before and I heard it's beautiful. I'm more than surprised that I haven't been as I just live across the pond in Dublin. Considering I've been to Manchester three time already, I think it's about time I visited London. I have a feeling it could be extremely bad for my bank balance.
I brought into 6 empties to MAC yesterday and picked up Pink Pearl Pop. I wore it to work today and I quite like it. It's one of their new Cremesheen shades that was launched towards the end of last year. I first seen it on Sian's blog not too long ago and it was the first lipstick I swatched when I was at the MAC counter. Of course the rest was history and I left with this lippie to add to my collection. I have a ridiculous amount of MAC lipsticks, I need to start using some up. I'm forever mixing up my shade selection so I never wear the same lipstick for long. I think that's the key reason why I have so many in my collection. As you can see he shade itself is a gorgeous pink and isn't too much on the lips. I'm not the bigger wearer of bright shades so this worked perfectly for me. It's extremely buildable for those who want a stronger pop of colour. I'm glad I picked up this shade, I can see myself using it a lot over the coming months, seeing as the weather is getting that little bit brighter out. I know I've already mentioned that I have too many MAC lipsticks in my collection but there is one more I want, the new limited edition Betty Bright lipstick I spotted over on Milkteef, It's such a lovely shade and just look at the packaging it's so darling. Some of MAC's limited edition collections can be a bit hit and miss but this seriously looks like a winner. Don't be surprised if you see that lipstick floating around a lipstick collection post in the future.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?



  1. Ahhh how have I only just found you! Loving this 28 days of kisses! Lovely blog, new follower :) xxxx

    1. Awww thanks Lucy:) Glad you like the tag xx

  2. Ahh, this is such a beaut colour(: love it!


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