Monday, February 4, 2013

Penneys/Primark Haul

Over the weekend I tweeted asking you guys if you wanted to see what I picked up in Penneys on my recent shopping trip. A fair few of you said you would so here it is! In Ireland Primark is called Penneys, they're the same store not to confuse any of you throughout this post. Everytime I go into this store I see something I like which is fine by me as it's much affordable compared to other shops I regularly visit. This isn't going to be a huge haul as I didn't buy too much, I think at most I spent €30. I went with my Mom so she did pick me up some bits, kind of as a pre-birthday gift.
Here's an overview of everything I bought. Of course I couldn't walk by the Essence stand without picking up a few bits. I love the blush, it's so pretty and I can't wait to start using it. Fragrances are a recent new offering from the brand. They come in at under €4 so I also treated myself to one. I think size wise it's perfect for throwing in my handbag and it smells really nice too, which is a definite plus. I have the feeling the Hugs & Kisses collection is a limited edition and just out for Valentine's Day so snap it up while you can. I didn't go in looking for a makeup bag but for some reason or other I came out with a new one. Compared to other makeup bags from Penneys this one actually looks fancy. It has two compartments which is ideal for storing my makeup bits that I cart around with me on a daily basis. This also comes in black to I absolutely loved the pink option, it has a gorgeous little studded bow on the front too. For €1 Penneys own brand cotton wool pads are great and so inexpensive. After trying them once I'd never buy them anywhere else, I'd feel like I was being ripped off if they were in anyway dearer. I've been reorganising my room for what seems like an age. I'm always on the lookout for new cute storage bits. When I seen these two mugs I thought they'd be great for storage my makeup brushes as they are actually quite big. My favourite one has to be the cherry design, it fits in with my room much better.
My lovely Mom bought me this gorgeous strawberry bedspread. I would of never looked in Penneys for Homeware so I'm glad she spotted this one. Isn't it so pretty? My Mom also bought me this little cupcake notebook which you can see in the overview picture above. I really like it, it's tiny so it's perfect for carrying around in my bag if I want to take notes on the go.
As I'm trying to hit the gym more regularly now, I also picked up some work out bits. There was nothing to exciting just tracksuit bottoms so I didn't take any pictures of them. I did pick up this pink water bottle though and I'm actually drinking way more water since I bought it which is a good thing for sure. I feel like Adam Sandler from The Waterboy when I bring this out with me. I feel like saying "that's some high quality H20" instead of just calling it plain old water. It was a steal at €3 and I'm definitely getting good use out of mine. 
When I was out shopping with Sian yesterday I picked up this bag from Penneys. I recently broke the zip on my black Warehouse bag, I was so disappointed as I only had it since September last year. I fell in love with this bag and after a little persuasion from Sian, I caved and bought it. I can't wait to put all my everyday essentials in this. I think the stud detail will dress up any outfit instantly. It also has a inner zip which I need as I hate bags without them, I always fear that some of my belongings will fall out.

Have you spotted any bargains in Penneys lately that you want to share?



  1. I've never looked at homeware in primark because i've been so distracted by the clothes but i'll definitely look next time!

    1. I know it wouldn't be a place I'd tend to look either but they definitely do have some hidden gems x

  2. OMG that makeup bag is gorgeous! I thought it was an actual handbag from the picture!

    1. I know I love the colour and it's a decent size too as it fits everything into it. It comes in black too xx

  3. Such a cute duvet!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Isn't it? I absolutely love it. My Mom was way too good to me xx

  4. Hiya! Love your blog :) Penneys home section is a MUST for me! im addicted (dont even have my own place yet!). Love finding new bits and bobs for my room :) your penneys haul looks great!!

    So glad i came across your blog as well :)


  5. So envious of all your good buys. My Primark doesn't have a home section. Probably best or else I'd raid it :p
    Please check out my blog - I'm completely new to all of this xx



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