Thursday, July 7, 2011

Latest Addition to my Bag Collection

I just bought this gorgeous bag that I'm completely in love with. It's from The Laundry Room which is an Irish brand that has opened a store in Dundrum Town Centre recently. The shop sells cute dresses so it's definitely worth having a look at.

Back to the bag, it comes with two different straps which is good as you can alternate between looks. The short strap is shown in the picture below. I personally prefer the long one as it's easier to chug around.

 The bag comes in three colours, mine is in the shade 'Coffee'. You can get it in a cream and a darker shade. This colour just caught my eye as it's so versatile and can be literally worn with anything.

Inside the bag there is so many compartments (4 in total).With this bag I have no complaints as it's huge and will hold all the stuff I carry with me on a regular basis. There are so many zip up pockets that I can't possibly have a excuse for losing anything either.

 I could squeeze so much in here. While on the outside it still looks so nice and neat (not big and bulky in the slightest).

Last but not least, it brings out my inner rock chick as it has a few studs around the edges which I'm loving.



  1. Oooh so pretty!! I love bags!!! :) the colour looks gorgeous xx

  2. Super cute! The studs ROCK! This is going to be so sexy in fall too! Love love love. Great pick

  3. love the bag! x
    (ps check out my give away if you're interested)

  4. OMG i'm in love with your bag~!!!

  5. I love the different compartment s ... Brilliant idea love bags that help you be organised rather than having to hand everything from you bag to the person with you just to find your phone

  6. I love that bag!

    I love your blog and I hope you can come and check out mine! I have a giveaway on at the moment where you can win an 88 Metal Mania palette.


  7. Wow I truly love that bag!! Wow super pretty! :)


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