Saturday, July 30, 2011

No7 Beauty Case

Having got paid last week I decided to do a spot of shopping in town. I went to a few different shops but I seen nothing that caught my eye. That is until I went in Boot's in the Jervis centre.

I do love this branch as it is slightly bigger than my local, Dundrum. They have a few extra brands and products here and there so I love going in to have a bit of a mooch around. That's were I spotted this beauty...

Let me introduce you to the No7 Beauty Case.

Needing a extra bit of storage for my makeup, this looked beyond perfect. I love it cause it's neat and is really sturdy. It's pretty spacious as there are two sections to the case. The top section also contains a small mirror. I really like the interior as there are 3 removeable trays which I think is fab cause I can take them out and have more room if I want.  The best part of all is that it was reduced to €5. At such a bargain price I couldn't leave this behind!!

 I'm in the middle of getting my room decorated at the present. Over the last few days I emptied my room of everything. So I've just been literally throwing  beauty products into this. Needless to say it's not organised one bit but  hopefully when my room is done I'll be able to fix it up.

I will you leave you girls with some pictures of the No7 Beauty Case. If you want a review on any of the products you see in it feel free to comment below and let me know!!:)

 Top Section

 Bottom Section

 All 3 Removable Trays

What do you think of the No7 Beauty Case??...Will you be purchasing one??



  1. I like it.

    Are those Topshop blushes? Can I ask what colours? Thanks.

  2. Yeah they're Topshop Blushes...they are in the shade Flush and Head Over Heels!!:D


  3. Thanks Laura, I have Butterscotch myself and I'm thinking of picking up some other ones.

  4. I'll definitely be picking one up if I see one! xxx

  5. That looks great! I would totally pick one up if I could!

  6. Oh I just found this case but full with lots of products I think are original to the case. I'd like the case so hoping the products are ok too. Thanks for mentioning this case I really need more storage.

  7. Topshop blushers are gorgeous. I also love no 7, always have done :) xxx

  8. Looove topshop blushers. Heards great things about that new bourjois bronzer too. This looks perfect.

    Helen, X

  9. such a cute way of storing makeup! xx


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