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The Lo Down - How to Help People with Mental Health Problems

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Mental health is a hard thing to deal with sometimes, I've been there and it's so tough. I was lucky as I've had so much support over the years which I will always be grateful for don't know where I'd be without my family and friends. I was going to call this post how to deal with someone suffering from mental health problems but I didn't think that felt right as it sounds like dealing with a problem. Someone who is suffering from mental health problems is certainly not a problem though and should be never treated in that way under any circumstances. I've just compiled a small list of things that I think would help someone going through a hard time and what you can do to support them.
Talking and Listening
For me this is the most important when it comes to supporting someone with mental health problems. I have an amazing little brother, Gerard who I'm forever talking to and he's a great listener when I need him there. He's full of wisdom and always giving me the best advice he can. He's suffered with ill mental health in the past so he knows what it's like to be going through something that is hard to explain at the best of times. It's really important to be always positive because there is no point in feeding into negative thoughts as it will just lead you down a bad road and no one wants that. Listening is also a must as sometimes people may not want to talk and just wants someone to listen to them.

Don't Judge
When I had ill mental health I spent most of my time saying things that people just didn't understand at all. Like I could of been saying negative things about myself that I believed to be true and others didn't. For your family and friends this can be hard to hear at times as no one wants there friend or family member hurting like this. It's not nice to see at all. It is really important to not judge though, if you do this it could make matters worse as it can cement the belief of what they are saying and that's not a positive.

Pay them Visits
I liked nothing more than on my bad days in hospital when some of my family and friends came into see me. It meant so much and I know it would mean alot to anyone when this happened. It's nice to just have a chat and to chill out with the people that means so much to you! It can also take your mind of whats going on at the moment as well which is always a good things.

Go For Walks, a Coffee or to the Cinema etc.
I know when I was having a bad day I didn't particularly like being stuck in the one place at times. I loved when I went out and about with family and friends. This can be as simple as going out for a walk or going to the cinema to see one of the new release movies that you've heard everyone raving about. It's nice to get out of routine at times and try something different too. Sometimes it can be hard to get someone out of their comfort zone but it can be one of the best things to do.

Taking your Meds is a necessity
When I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and depression one of the first thing the doctors did was prescribe me medication. I wasn't happy about this at first and point blank refused to take them for a while, after a while I decided to take them and I haven't looked back since. Everything has improved and most important of all my mood as it was pretty low all the time and I just wasn't happy at all for age. I think in the grand scheme the right thing to do it to take your medication. I know you may not want to at first I know I didn't to be fair but in the long run it helps alot and you'll be feeling better in no time which is what everyone dreams of at the end of the day.

See a Doctor
Mental breakdowns can be scary and it's hard to know what to do in that situation. When my issues started I was out with my ex boyfriend at the time and he didn't know what to do. I went home and by the next day my parents had brought me to see my GP and we went forward from there. That exact time of my life is a complete blur, I didn't know what was going on with me and I was quite scared which isn't good. My GP put me on some medication but the right meds for me weren't determined until I was in hospital and they could monitor it properly. At the end of the day I may have needed to go into hospital sooner but the early intervention by the doctor was the right way to go and helped alot in the long term. Most doctors are knowledgeable when it comes to most mental health issues even though its hard to determine the diagnosis at times. Most importantly do not use Google as you'll diagnose your self and that's never a good thing. At the day early intervention is key!

Mental Health Recovery is a long road and can be seriously difficult to handle. Just remember to always be there for the person you care about as you may not know it and they may not show it but it does indeed mean the world to them. The little things in life make all the difference. I hope this post helped you in some way as you may be suffering or know someone who is suffering from mental health problems, just know someone is always there for you to reach out to.


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  1. well said Laura, they are really good tips the, keep up the good work.
    jo xxxx


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