Friday, May 13, 2011

M.A.C "Surf, Baby" Collection Haul/Swatches

I love MAC so I always keep an eye on their website as you can see what the newest product or collection is going to be. When I saw the collection for this Summer, "Surf, Baby" I knew I had to get some of their limited edition products.

The collection was released on Thursday in all Irish Brown Thomas/BT2 stores. I decided to go down and have a look. The first thing that hit with me with this collection is the variety of shades(vibrant and subtle) so their will definitely be a shade to suit everyones preference.

I picked up 5 products in the store that I felt would suit me best. The pictures below will give you a taste of the latest collection.

Surf, Baby! Eye Shadow-"Surf USA" €15.50

This eyeshadow is a beautiful shade of teal and would go perfect with the product below.

Surf, Baby Powerpoint Eye Pencil-"Blue Noon" €18.00

Blue Noon, a teal colour with a hint of gold, this eyeliner works well with Surf USA to finish off a great eye look.

Beneath is a swatch of both products.

Next I purchased some lip products from the collection.

Surf, Baby! Lustre Lipstick-"Naturally Eccentric" €18.50

I really like this nude shade as it tones down my natural lip colour. It leaves you with a light pink effect.

On to the next lip product I purchased!

Surf, Baby Lipglass-"Good Lovin' " €18.00

I was torn between 2 lipglasses in this collection. The shade above and "Girl On Board". I wanted a shade that would also work really well with "Naturally Eccentric", after much deliberation I came to a conclusion and got "Good Lovin'". This gorgeous peachy pink colour could be worn on its own as well as with my new lipstick.

Here is a swatch of the two products, "Good Lovin" on the left and "Naturally Eccentric" faintly visible on the right (sorry it's such a light shade).

I left the best product of the collection till last (hope you girlies agree).

Surf, Baby Cheek Powder -"My Paradise" €25.00

I love this product so much, I like how you can build up the coverage to the perfect shade of peach you desire. The gold hibiscus flower overspray is thicker than previous years which I prefer as it can be used as a eyeshadow aswell.

Swatch for My Paradise: Left-Peach shade Right-Gold Overspray

I think if you were to purchase one item from this collection it should be the "My Paradise" Cheek Powder as it is such a gorgeous shade. The packaging on all products in this collection our limited edition and they are due to sell fast especially the cheek powder which is already sold out on the MAC UK website (link below).

So get them while they last,




  1. so cute!!!

  2. My Paradise is so pretty and I'm really taken by Surf USA!

  3. I'm glad that the Blush got a good review since that is the one thing I have been really wanting!

  4. Not liking the packaging of this edition at all!! You picked up some lovely shades though :)

  5. I thought that lipstick looked like concealer when I swatched it in MAC lol far too light.

  6. Hmm not mad over this collection, i only like the new spray tan out. Gave a nice sheen when i tried it in the shop.

  7. I love this collection so much! Love Surf USA eyeshadow:) x

  8. Oh goodness! These are SUCH lovely colors and an amazing collection! I love it, hun. You did such a great job at reviewing. Thank you for directing me to your blog! I'm definitely going to be following you. :D xoxo

  9. how exciting! have you done a makeup look using these products? i'd love to see one!


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