Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amazon.com Book Haul!!

Something everyone knows about me is that I love reading...Ever since I can remember I always had my nose in a book and I have the fondest memories of going into bookshops when I was younger and whoever was with me at the time would always let me pick out a book to read!

Over the years I have read my fair share of good and bad books and have dipped into many different genres,Fantasy,Teen, Romance etc. All that I know is I've never really been been truly fixed on one genre alone and I don't choose one over the other the same applies to authors I have read. My collection at home consists of so many books by so many different authors . Even still when asked "What's my favourite author?" I still can never stick to one alone. Is this the case with other people too?

So when it comes to ordering books online I always come out with a mix matched bundle of books even my Dad, who got me into reading laughs everytime when he sees the list of books I come into the room with after browsing Amazon.com.

Here are the books I picked up this time...Have you read any of them?

"13 Little Blue Envelopes" is an adventure novel by Maureen Johnston. It's the first book in a two part series about seeing new sights in Europe. When I seen the sequal "The Last Little Blue Envelope" was released online I had to have it! If like me you enjoy a good travel story it's the perfect book to read. Maureen Johnston is a great American writer who is very accesible for teenagers and young adults. As it's the Summer, I think it's the best choice to read on holidays!

The first Private Novel was released when I was 16, since then I've been hooked on them. "Ominous" is the 13th book in the series so I'm really looking forward to reading it. I'd just feel if I didn't read it I'd be missing out on something as I've read so much of the series already.

Meg Cabot's "Abandon" was a random purchase I seen it was newly published online and I thought I'd give it go. I've read so many of her books already. I adored The Princess Diaries Series which I can remember reading repeatedly. I think every girl has read a book of hers a some point in their life!!!

I also ordered one more book Instyle Essential Beauty Secrets but I've unfortunately not received it as of yet but I shall keep you informed when I do get it. I bought this book cause I've seen such good reviews on other beauty blogs so I'm really looking forward for this one.

Is there any books that you have read lately that you recommend for summer reads??


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