Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Round Up #1

Hey Girlies,

Weekly Round Up is going to be a post at the end of  every week that's going to show what I've been up to.This week has been a pretty eventful one, so I'd like to share it with you girls. Some exciting things happened this week actually so I'm so excited to talk to everyone about. I'll start from the beginning.

Monday - I recieved some product samples from a few companies on Monday which I'm so excited to share with you girlies. I'm currently trying them out but expect to see a post very soon.

Tuesday - Some of you might know I recently took part in a International Beauty Swap with the lovely Jenn Staz from California. The parcel was dropped off on Tuesday and I was so shocked with the amazing products she sent me I was blown away!!! I've never tried NYX or ELF products and she sent me such a collection from both brands to try out. Jenn is the most generous and nicest girl ever. Thank you so much:) I know you got your products today so I hope you like them!!! When you try them all out let me know what you think. I'm going to put up an individual post over the weekend to show you girls what Jenn sent me. (If you haven't checked out her website/youtube videos I shall leave the links below).

A quick picture of the goodies Jenn sent me!!:)

Wednesday - I went to see Water For Elephants if you haven't seen this film it's definitely one to watch and really enjoyable. It did help alot that Rob Pattinson was the lead actor in it and I have to say he looks totally hot!!:) Have any of you girls seen Water for Elephants?? I also got a email from the Liz Earle Pr Team about their event in Dublin.I'm going on Saturday 18th for a skin care consultation. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Thursday - Yesterday I bought a gorgeous notebook in the Disney store. I got this to write down all my ideas for new posts and for my monthly favourites. It's been so hard picking my faves this month as I've loved so many products that I've used. My boyfriend also went to Manchester to watch the Champions League Final. I miss him alot already but he's back on Tuesday and I know I'll get a nice little gift!!:):)

                                                                     Isn't it the cutest??

Today- I went shopping with my mom after work because I got paid...YAY!!! I made a few purchases but I'm most excited about two in particular. The first product I'm excited about is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20. I've seen good reviews about this new foundation lately on alot of beauty blogs. I've been using MAC Pro Longwear foundation for a while now and I thought I needed a change. When I was in Brown Thomas last weekend I got a sample of it to try and I've fallen in love with it so I decided to buy the full size foundation today.I just feel it blends in with your skin so well and it is also light weight which you need in the summer. I also bought a ultra-lipgloss from Chanel's Summer Collection, Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Pink Peony. The lipgloss is a gorgeous pink shade that shows up real well on the lips, perfect for summer. Have you tried any products from Chanel' Summer Collection???

 I got some little Active Moisture Gel Ceam minis to try out and a gorgeous Pink Chanel charm too!!

So that comes to end of what happened in my week so far. Hopefully the weekend is even better!!!:)


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Jenn Staz Youtube Channel-


  1. Great post, I also get excited and shop when I get paid haha:D What can I say I'm a spender.
    much love!<3

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