Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lush Little Green Bag Overview

If you follow me on Twitter you'll have heard me mention Lush's newest gift set,Little Green Bag. After seeing it online, I really wanted to try out their latest offering.

So when I was out shopping the other day I couldn't pass the Henry St store without peeping in to see had it launched.At the moment I thin this set is just available in Lush stores in Europe so I shall leave a link below for the Lush Uk website.

I love buying Lush sets as they are really good value. There also may be a certain product in them that I may not necessarily go for myself but it ends up becoming my regular favourite.

This is how "Little Green Bag" looks. All the products in it our environmentally friendly and vegan. The bag itself is Furoshiki scarf which is also reusable to help prevent waste. This can be used to hold some belongings or to wrap a gift.

In total there are 5 products in "Little Green Bag"!
The only product I've tried in the set previously is the Massage Bar. So I am so excited about trying out these products and giving you a review soon.

Sea Vegetable Soap-€4.60

Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar-€7.96

Below is a tin you recieve in this set to hold your Shampoo bar in between showers!!!

Shampoo Bar Tin- €3.90

Jungle Solid Conditioner-€3.50

Sugar Scrub Mini-€2.00

Each Peach and Two's A Pair Massage Bar- €4.00

This is the only product in this set I've purchased before. I love the citrus scent. I f you haven't used it before it is definitely one to try.

I purchased this set at €19.95 but the whole set is worth €25.96 so that's a super saving of €6.00(€6.01 to be exact). I think anyone who is going to 0xygen or Glastonbury should invest in "Little Green Bag" as it has all essentials you'd need for the weekend.

At the moment I think this set is only available in Lush Stores in Europe. If you want to check it online their's a link below.


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