Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in my Bag?!

A girl's bag is a very personal possession and the inside/outside of every bag is going to be different. I have so many bags as I love having a one to suit each occasion,event or time of year.

At the moment I am currently using a Paul's Boutique bag that was kindly bought for me for christmas by my lovely boyfriend  two years ago. I really love this bag as it fits so much into it without looking bulky. I basically bring everything with me wherever I go, so I always use this bag. I have so much in my bag because I hate being in town and looking for lipgloss or a pen and realising you don't have either.

I also love bag charms and this bag comes with such a lovely one as you can see in the picture.

Next to what's inside my bag. Most of the following items I carry around on a regular basis and couldn't be without them:)

My Juicy Couture Purse
My sister got me this beautiful purse in San Fransico for my 21st birthday!! I really love it and have be using it since she got it for me in February this year. It's so spacious and has loads of space for my cards and coins.

My Glasses
Yes I have glasses. I just don't tend to wear them much. I just use them for reading and writng on my blog:) The only other  time I'd usually wear them is if I get tired eyes which isn't alot.

This month Stellar Magazine and Vampire Diaries Book
Whenever I travel on buses I find it a perfect time to read. I love Stellar as it has all the latest fashion trends and beauty must-haves. Vampire Diares is the current book I'm reading at the moment and it must be said that I am really enjoying it.

Sure Deoderant and Impulse Body Spray
"Sure" is my favourite deoderant of all time I don't think I've ever tried a deoderant as good so I always carry one of these around with me. For a body spray I use Impulse and the scent I love the most is Tease so I repurchase this alot
I actually have the worst luck with Ipods for some reason and this must be my fourth....I got this gorgeous purple  one a few years ago as a xmas gift from my Mom. I couldn't be without my Ipod as music is such a big deal to me. I love Taylor Swift's latest album, Speak Now.

Make Up Bag
I only got this make up bag recently but I love it..It's so easy to clean as it has a "wipe clean" interior. The polka dot design makes me admire it a little bit more.

YSL Elle Summer Edition 2011
I only recently got this perfume as a gift from my mom. I really like it so far as it smells like the original Elle just alot fresher in my opinion. I will probably do a review on this when I've used it a bit longer.

MAC Lip Products.
I actually have these sitting in a pocket in my bag. I use them all alot. The cremesheen lipstick is in the shade "Shy Girl" and the lip gloss "Good Lovin' " is from the new Surf, Baby collection. I use these two products together as they compliment each other really well and they can be both worn individually. I love the lip  conditioner. I probably use it the most as my lips are a bit on the dry side lately.

My Teddy Gloves
As you all know I live in Ireland so the weather is pretty much never sunny day. Seeing as thats the case I always carry around these gloves with me as their so cute. I got them for a gift but I think you can still get them in River Island I'm not too sure. I think their really worth investing in a pair as they are so comfortable.

My 2011 Forever Friends Organiser
This is essential for me as I always like to write down if I have events coming up (e.g birthdays,concerts etc.) or just to keep track of my work hours.

My Pocket Mirror
I have this mirror for years I picked this little gem up the first time I went to Manchester. It's so pretty and I love it::)

Soap And Glory Hand Food
As I  frequently get dry hands from the weather, I always have a tube of this in my bag. If you haven't used it you should try one as they smell gorgeous.

So that's everything in my bag it may change in the future, but if that ever happens I will update you.



  1. I love seeing what everyone else carries about with them, I'm so nosey! x

  2. I love 'What's in my bag?' posts or videos. So interesting!

  3. Loved this, it was a really interesting read! Love your posts! X

  4. That Organiser is too cute! I love your bag as well :)

  5. Great post, now I wanna see what's in your makeup bag hehe

  6. I love these posts! THink I may do one soon :) xxx

  7. I love the bag! I carry a lot of the same things as you! :) I might do a 'What's in my bag' post soon too- I love reading them! xD

  8. @Grace Thank you so much!!I'm glad you like them:)

    @Vintage Makeup Thanks..I know I love it too everything fits into it:)

    @Karen I will do a "What's In My Makeup Bag post really soon:)

    @Beauty By Rosh x Oh really??...Everyone seems to love that bag:)


  9. I want to try hand food soooooo bad!! Too bad they don't have them in the US =[ I'm hoping to win the giveaway so I could try it!! =]

  10. We have the same handbag! I love it because it fits all my junk inside! I also love your gloves! So cute! xx


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