Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld 2011

A few months ago, this collaboration was announced and ever since I've been keeping my eyes on it!!:)
This is Karl Lagerfield'd second collection for Diet Coke. Apparently only three thousand bottles were made so they are due to sell out pretty quick and are exclusive to Harvey Nicholls.
I purchased the Collector's Box which is €11.95 and contains all 3 bottles. I really like the prism shaped box as all the bottles fit in perfectly at each angle.

I took a few pictures so you can check it out for yourselves.

All the bottles feature Karl Lagerfied's recognisable silouette and have pretty pink caps. I love the bold pink design of the last bottle as it brings alot of colour to the collection.



  1. OH MY GOD
    Karl Lagerfeld!?

    Such a great collaboration!
    I wish I could get some!

  2. WOW thats sooo cool ! im following you please follow me back xx

  3. I love these so much, it makes me want to drink coke just for the bottle! loving the last one too x

  4. I'm so jealous! I have had my eye on these for ages but havn't seen them sold anywhere!!! xxx

  5. Oh there available exclusively in Harvey Nichols:)


  6. ah I want one!

    Helen, X


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