Saturday, May 21, 2011

Myface Cosmetics Lipstick Review

As far back as I can remember I've always been a lip products and  eyeshadow girl!! If I ever come across a new brand I've never seen before I gravitate towards these products. Why you may ask??...Well I just like that I can play around with endless shades and not feel limited to what I try. Brands are also always coming out with new shades to try out too!! :)

A while ago I came across a Myface cosmetic stand in Boots and as per usual I glided toward the lippies!!! I picked up one Gigabite lipstick in the shade"Vintage Pink". This lipstick is a completely neutral pink shade which can be worn day/night for a natural look.

I've never heard much about this brand so when I went home I googled it. I love the concept Myface Cosmetics have come up with. Basically they have put together colour ranges to suit everyones skin tone be it  fair,medium or dark! So when you are at the stand all the products are separated into these groups which makes for easier browsing if you don't particularly know what is the right shade for you. The brand also has an range of eyeshadows and mascaras to suit all skin tones.

The lipstick I purchased is for "Fair"skin tones which I am quite frankly not. I didn't know when I bought this product that it was meant to be for a certain skin tone as Myface cosmetics is a new brand to me. Fair skin tone or not I really love this lipstick. As I said above this lipstick is a neutral shade of pink and being a being a big fan of nude lip colours this product definitely ticks all the boxes for me. "Vintage Pink" gives and amazing glossy finish on the lips. I feel the packaging has a very futuristic feel and I love it.

Swatch of Vintage Pink.

Being a fairly new brand for me I can safely say I will definitely be buying another lipstick for my collection maybe a lipgloss aswell The brand is currently available in Boots stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

 Have you heard of Myface cosmetics?..If you haven't I will leave a link below. If you have what do you think of this brand??


Myface cosmetics website-


  1. I have heard of this brand, but I don't own anything from them. :)

  2. I've heard of MyFace but never actually bought anything from there.
    I like the shade of lippy you got and the fact that it's glossy!

  3. nip lipstick color,i like it..o(≧o≦)o


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