Friday, May 20, 2011

My "Make Up Forever" Trip

Hey Girlies!!

Sorry I could'nt blog yesterday!!!  I was so busy with different things going on so I was literally not even home a second until I was running out the door again.

On my way to my destination, I passed the Make Up Forever store on  Clarendon St. Even though I was in such a hurry I did a double take and went inside.I don't particularly use Make Up Forever products, I only own an eveyshadow or two. It's not by choice as there is only one store in Dublin which is located in the city centre and I don't get in their quite as often as I would like.

The store on Clarendon St in Dublin is half shop, half makeup studio for trainee artists so the inside looks unreal. When I went inside I was browsing, getting swept in by all the lovely summer shades when I came across a stand alone table in the centre of the store. The table was covered with numerous shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows that really caught my eye. When the sales assistant told me everything on this table was €5 as it was being discontinued I knew I was going to buy something!!!:)

I bought three products in total which amounted to 15€....:)

As you can see I bought two Make Up Forever lipsticks and a Face2 eyeshadow..

I bought two lipsticks in the shades 60 (bronze shade) and160 (pink shade). Both shades are very wearable.
I haven't had much time to properly review them yet as I only bought them yesterday but I'll let you know soon.

Next up is the eyeshadow...

The Face2 Sheer Satin Shadow is in the shade 573. Here is a swatch, it's a charcoal grey colour perfect for a smokey eye. I'm really looking forward to trying it out :)

I'm glad I called into Make Up Forever as I don't think I would of gotten such a bargain anywhere else. I will definitely be going back there soon to try out more products:)

Any recommendations??...Whats your fave Make Up Forever product??



  1. Both the lipsticks are gorgeous! I've never tried Make Up Forever, I didn't even know there was a shop in Dublin! xx

  2. That eyeshadow looks lovely! So do the lippies, never tried MUFE

  3. I need that l/s in 60 Bronze shade!! It looks so beautiful=]

    I love their HD foundation one of my fave =]

    LOVE your blog!! are you getting anything from M.A.C'S Surf Baby?

  4. Love the lipsticks. Wish we had a Make Up Forever store in the UK... or do we? I'm pretty sure we don't :(


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