Friday, May 13, 2011

Instyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets Review

Recently i came across “InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets”. It has already become a great addition to my beauty book collection.

Even though it arrived a day later than my other books in my online order it was worth the extra wait!!!

At present, this book is my “Go To” book for all things beauty related. With over 200 tips in total (218 to be exact) it’s like a little black book of beauty advice.

Why do I like this book so much? The layout is key. As there are 218 tips all together you may wonder how you are going to find the beauty advice you are looking for. Answer-The whole book is split into sections (Skin, Eyes, Lips etc), there are also 4 frequently asked questions at the end of every segment which might prove helpful for some people.

I’m really enjoying reading this book. I am even finding some useful tips that I have never heard of or used before, there are also “Red Carpet Secrets” from some of Hollywood’s Biggest Stars which I find very interesting. I’ll have to try them out!

I think “InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets” would be perfect for a beauty lover on-the-go as the tips are short and sweet but so very valuable to have!


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