Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Shopaholics Journey #2- Debenhams and Brown Thomas

Hey Girlies!!...:)

Hope everyones weekend went fab!!!...Mine was pretty hectic from working on Friday to shopping on Saturday then working again on Sunday!! I really didn't have a minute to myself..so I'm happy to sit down now and write this post to tell you all about some of the beauty products I've purchased recently.Looking at the products now, it looks like I bought alot more than I thought. I don't realise how much I've actually bought until I go home and have a rummage through my shopping bags. Does this happen to any of you girlies??

Debenhams and Brown Thomas( which must seem like a shop I go to alot)  are the shops were I bought these lovely goodies!! I always go to these stores as there are promotions and events on alot. They also both have good reward schemes, Brown Thomas Black and Debenhams BeautyClub Card which is always a good way to get something back on all the purchases you make instore.

 I went to Debenhams Henry St on Thursday. There was a promotion on where you could avail of 10% off everything from Beauty & Fragrance. I picked up my first purchase instore, Smashbox Cosmetics Limitless Beauty Collection.

In this box you get as follows:
Blush Rush in Everlasting
Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss SPF 15 in Round-The-Clock
Photo Finish Primer-Travel Size
Limitless Beauty Eyeshadow Palette (includes a brush)
Limitless Eye Liner in Java

I haven't got the chance to really try out these products with work and stuff. I've used the eyeshadow palette for everyday looks as all the colours are very neutral, I love it. I've also used the lipgloss I love the shade of peach but I don't like the taste of the product on your lips at all. Do any of you girls feel the same??

On to my Shopaholic Journey on Saturday. My day only consisted of going to one shop as the weather was completely horrendous and I was wearing a cardigan to make matters worse. Brown Thomas sometimes have beauty events instore which I like going to as it's a good way to find out about the latest products from brands you may never of heard of before. When I heard the Irish Independent's Beauty Editor, Triona McCarthy was showcasing her summer must-haves on Saturday instore I knew I had to go. I enjoyed listening to her beauty tips for the summer and also the products she thought were essentials.

While I was there I also picked up a two products from Nars for myself. To be quite honest I'm a bit of a Nars virgin as I've never tried anything before even though I read how good they are on a regular basis.

I got two products from the Portrait Of Paradise Collection, the Blush Bronzer trio and the Laguna Illuminator.

Blush Bronze Trio (Limited Edition) consists of Orgasm Blush, Albatross Highlighter and Laguna Bronzer. I've used this product twice since I got it on Saturday and I'm glad it's one of my first purchases from Nars.

Laguna Body Illuminator (Limited Edition) I like this illuminator as it leaves you with such a natural glow and  I was told in store once you apply it it doesn't rub off on your clothes which is such a good thing.

At the time of purchase there was a promotion on:)!!. When I bought the two products from this collection  I got a complimentary makeup bag with deluxe samples!

I love the makeup bag as it is so spacious..it even has room for my brushes.

The Deluxe Samples I recieved-
Pro-Prime Mulit-Protect PrimerSPF30- 2ml
Copacabana Illuminator- 2ml
Super Orgasm Illuminator- 2ml
Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Aigle Noir- 2g

I can't wait use all these new purchases and let you know what I think soon. Do you recommend any Nars/Smashbox products for me to try next?

I also was given samples of Bliss's Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask and Chanel Aqua Lumiere in the shade 20 to try out which I'm really looking forward to.

Has anyone tried this Chanel foundation? How do you find it??

Talk to you girlies soon,


  1. That make up bag is so cute, lucky you! :)

  2. The NARS trio looks like a very nice combo. Three of their best seller all in one. I love smashbox! I have a huge highlighter powder from smashbox that is amazing.

  3. Love the Nars trio!! And the smashbox box set. Oh I love everything you've bought!!! So jealous of the free samples you got.

  4. Love the Nars Trio. I miss working for Smashbox when I see all the nice new launches :( xxx

  5. You did well with the Nars stuff! Looks fantastic:)

  6. That NARS trio looks amazing! I might pop it onto my birthday list :) xx

  7. oh my goodness.. i want that nars trio so badly! i wonder how much it costs in the US :) also i wish we had a Brown Thomas in the US. that sample deal is fab. great post! and yes, i do have it when i get a lot of stuff but i don't remember getting it! hahaha


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