Wednesday, May 11, 2011

VO5 "Revive Me Daily" Shampoo and Conditioner Review!

I've always been fussy about what haircare products I use in my hair as i always like it to be in tip top condition (Who doesn't). Some products have not being doing that for me lately. So when I seen VO5 had a new collection of shampoos and conditioners I thought I'd give them a go. I already use one VO5 product and that is their VO5 High Volume Weather Resistant Hairspray which I am a big fan of and always have one on the ready in my bag, I must be on my 3rd can. I may do a review on it too!!

Back to the shampoo and conditioner,VO5's new range is for all different hair types, dry, oily, normal, frizzy etc. I chose the "Revive Me Daily" set as it is specifically for people with normal hair.The price for this product was very reasonable at about €6 euro each as I think if you find a product you like and it suits the purpose than I think its worth spending money on. Adapive Haircare Technology is used in this product which means the product adjusts to the level of nourishment leve needed to suit everyones hair as it is unique to them. After using the combination, My hair felt nourished and weightless as I was left with no residue in my hair which has been a problem with other products in the past. I also loved this products fruity scent as its nice and fresh.

Finally the result ,my hair was left looking gorgeous, shiny and especially healthy.

Definitely one to try out girlies!!!:)



  1. good to know! escecially since its 77 cents at CVS this week!

    i talk about the suave damage care shampoo and conditionner on my blog

  2. cute post! i love learning more about beauty products! I always buy the same shampoo-want to see if the US has this one!

    love from San Francisco,



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