Monday, May 30, 2011

My first International Make Up Swap!!!!:):)

Hey Girlies,

I recently completed my first beauty swap which I've been so excited about. I did this swap with my friend Jenn Staz from the United States. Jenn's YouTube videos are so good, there's everything from hauls to inspired makeup tutorials and much more. ( If you haven't seen her website/youtube channel I shall link it below). She's been following my blog from the beginning and she is such a amazing girl and has been so supportive. This whole swap came about when we were chatting about different brands and I was telling her how we couldn't get certain ones in Ireland.

I recieved my package from Jenn on Tuesday. Girls, to say I was shocked by what she sent me is an understatement. I told Jenn before we did the swap that I'd never tried any ELF or NYX products and she sent me heaps to try out and some other goodies which I can't wait to show everyone. I was so overwhelmed with what Jenn sent me she has to be one of the most generous girls around. I hope to do another swap with her in the future.

The following are some pictures and swatches of the products she sent me!!:):)

ELF Summer Ready Super Glossy Lip Gloss Collection

Top Row- Mango Madness, CandleLight, Pink Lemonade
Bottom Row- Pink Kiss, Trendsetter

ELF Beautybook
Smoky Eye and Neutral Eye Collection

4 ELF Pigment Eyeshadows

Top Row- Naughty Noire, Innocent ivory
Bottom Row- Golden Goddess,  Passionate Purple

I can't wait to try out these eyeshadows I love all the colours:)

ELF Conditioning Lip Balms SPF15

LtoR- Peaceful Pink, Nice & Natural

I have been using these lip balms so much as I suffer with quite dry lips. I love Peaceful Pink its the perfect summer shade!!

ELF Summer Ready  48 piece Lip & Eye palette- Warm Collection

NYX Nude On Nude Natural Look Collection and  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

All these shadows are so wearable and it's such a great size for my handbag!!!:)

ELF Matte Lip Colour in Coral, Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Gloss In Plumberry( I think the writing is a bit small) and Avon Moisturizing LipTreatment SPF15

LtoR-Avon Smooth Minerals Lipgloss, ELF Matte Lip Colour and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Last but not least Jenn sent me this cute card with my package!! I love it!!!

I can't wait to try out all these amazing products. Thanks for taking part in this swap with me Jenn, you seriously seem to know exactly what I like:) You can also check out what I got for Jenn on her beauty channel.

I would definitely love to do another swap in the future as they are so much fun.

Have any of you girls taken part in a makeup swap before??


Jenn Staz Website-


  1. Brilliant swaps, I'd say you were so excited to get the package it's a great idea xxx

  2. @The Make Up Fairy- Yeah I was so looking forward to it and picking out stuff for the person is so much fun too:) <3 xxxx

  3. The lip balms look really pretty!

  4. @Vintage Makeup I love the lip balms their so nice..they leave your lips so smooth and the colours are amazing:) xxxx<3

  5. Such a great swap! All the Elf stuff looks amazing!:) x


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