Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Lo Down - Kong Skull Island Premiere

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Last Monday I went along to the Kong Skull Island Irish Premiere with my Dad. I won the tickets on the radio station Spin 1038 and the premiere was on in the Savoy in Town. The movie kicked off at 7pm and we were both so excited as we've saw all the King Kong films over the years.
We both really really enjoyed the movie it was action packed from start to finish. Kong Skull Island is actually the prequel to the original King Kong movie which I didn't realise until my Dad told me on the night. The movie features lots of big name stars but the stand out for me was Tom Hiddleston. I love him in Thor, he was amazing in it. Thor is probably my favourite Marvel movie aswell as together. Well it's up there with Captain America.

I always really liked the story of King Kong as people are always scared of him at the start then they soon figure out he's good. So I thoroughly enjoy this movie I'd definitely recommend it if your looking for a good movie to watch this weekend. I do believe this was released today in all cinemas nationwide.


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