Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Lo Down - Peanut Butter Press Badges

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I did a blog post a little while ago on my badge collection and yes I have alot. I love badges and I try to pick some up wherever I go in the big wide world. I bought a couple of badges recently as I actually couldn't help myself. I bought some from Peanut Butter Press, I found his page on Instagram and I couldn't get over the quality of his badges. There is so many to choose from plus he can make custom ones too so if you have any ideas that you'd like created into badges definitely let him know.
Now on to the badges I got. I got 5 in total and Peanut Butter Press threw in a extra one for me which was so thoughtful of him I was delighted. Firstly I wanted Cat in the Hat badges and he made Thing 1 and Thing 2 plus the man himself Cat in the Hat! I love them all,the attention to detail is amazing. This is one of my favourite movies from my childhood, I'm such a huge fan so to have the badges is great. I also got a Thing 1 logo which I think is so cute. Next up I got a Totoro badge as I always heard of this character and I couldn't say no to this one. It's amazing, it's probably one of my favourite badges I purchased this time around. Lastly I got a Slytherin which I adore. Again this is another one of my fave movies probably of all time. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd that's for sure. It's done in a beautiful black and gold, it just looks so pretty.

I'm delighted with my purchases, all together they came to around €20 which isn't too bad for six badges. Peanut Butter Press is my go to guy for badges and I know I'll definitely buy some more soon, I may have already made a sneaky order today.


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