Monday, March 27, 2017

The Lo Down - Happy Mother's Day Mum!

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Seeing as it's Mother's Day I couldn't let the day go by without mentioning my dear Mum. She is my rock and is always there for me without a shadow of a doubt. We've been through alot together over the years and she's been by my side through it all, I don't know where I'd be without her most of the time. She seriously is my Best Friend!
Being born on the 15th February I was basically her Valentine's Day baby. I'm the second child of three children, if you didn't know already I already have a brother, Ger and a sister, Lisa. We're quite a close knit bunch it has to be said. We all love our Mum to pieces and we like nothing more than all meeting up and treating her to a day out in town or a nice dinner because of course she deserves. My Mum is also Nanna to my wonderful nephew Ryan who absolutely idolises her. He loves his Nanna Lisa and he loves nothing more than coming over to our house and having the chats. He loves getting all the weekly news, he's beyond his young years.

I love spending time with my Mum, we are both always busy but do try to find the time every once in a while. I love our shopping trips to Town they are definitely my favourite. We always come home laden with shopping bags and going through them is always the best thing ever. We did have our sad times though aswell but we were always the better for them. Our hardest time by far is when I had my mental health issues. I'm doing a couple of posts now to highlight mental health as I don't think it's talked about enough in Ireland but I still find it pretty hard to discuss myself as it was quite a hard time for not just my Mum and I but my whole family. We all found it difficult but as a family we powered through it like we always do and came out the other side. My Mum was amazing then like she always is, she had all the advice I could ever need. Everyone has ill mental health through times in their lifes so to hear my Mum talk about stuff made me feel that little bit better to be honest.

Now for the good times as I've said before my Mum and I are really close, like best friends. I love the times we spend together and there has been many. I love our weekly chats about what we got out up to over the last couple of days, we always have them over a cup of tea. She also have been to a couple of events with me and she absolutely loves them, she's ever so proud of my blog and the work I out into it. We've also gone on lots of amazing holidays together, one of my favourites was when we went to Manchester. We literally shopped til we dropped and had such a great time. That will always be one of my best memories. I was doing work experience over there and my Mum came over for a weekend. I was so upset when she had to get the train to the Airport on Sunday night but that's all a part of growing up I guess.

So this was just a post to celebrate my Mum, she does mean the world to me now and always. I'm sure we'll have many other amazing adventures abroad and lovely chats over a cup of tea in the future.


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