Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Lo Down - Fulfil Nutrition Protein Bars

Hey Guys and Dolls,

As I'm in the currently well into my fitness journey I like finding healthy foods that will aid my weightloss and fitness journey. I tried this protein bars a while ago and I was hooked there soo yummy and it's even better that there good for you. As I'm doing my weightloss journey I don't like eating bars but I definitely don't feel as guilty when I eat these.
There is lots of different flavours to choose from but my favourite is White Chocolate & Cookie Dough, doesn't it sound yummy? These bars are so filling, sometimes I have one instead of a meal as I just feel so full after one. You wouldn't believe there's 20g of protein in this little bar. My boyfriend and brother also love these, I'm pretty sure I got my boyfriend hooked on these aswell whoops. They aren't too expensive either they are under the €3 mark which is pretty good.
I  also have one of these in my bags for a snack if I'm hungry on the go, there perfect for that. I'd definitely recommend these if you are on the look out for a nice healthy snack. I don't particularly like the taste of protein but you can hardly taste them off these which is good.


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