Friday, March 10, 2017

The Lo Down - Mane 'N Tail Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I like to keep my hair in tip top condition all the time. I have pretty thick hair but I can have a pretty sensitive scalp so I have to watch what haircare I use.

I've been using Mane 'N Tail products recently, a brand I'm new to but like alot. The shampoo and conditioner I've been using is called their Body Shampoo and their Texturising  & Moisturising Conditioner and I've been using this stuff a hell of alot. Once you scrub your hair with both products it leaves it look fresh and squeaky clean plus so shiny just the way I like it. This stuff also smells so amazing!

I like haircare that hydrates my hair aswell as thickens it and this haircare duo does just that. I'm used their Detangler for ages now to keep my unruly hair at bay. You can check out that review here.

These products retail for around the €15 mark which is pretty good for haircare products that you need to keep your hair looking good and healthy. I'm definitely going to be on the look out for more products from this brand.


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