Monday, March 27, 2017

The Lo Down - Blank Canvas Dimension Series Hamper

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I love a good Irish brand and Blank Canvas ticks all the boxes. It has great quality brushes that I love and they're pretty affordable too. The F20 is amazing for foundation application, followed closely by the F06 I love both these brushes alot and use them all the time. I bought the Dimension Series Hamper just after Christmas when their sale was on. I got this set for around €50 which is unreal value. In the hamper you get  brushes, a candle and a brush holder. The products come beautifully packaged in a Blank Canvas Hamper box aswell.
I'm so impressed with these brushes, for what I paid for them they couldn't be any better. The brushes are new to the brand and have a mixture of brushes in beautiful new colours. My favourite is the rose gold and black & the purple handles. I already have my eye on a set that includes eye and lip brushes. I can't decide what handle colour to go for, hot pink or rose gold and black.

There is some great brushes included in the brush set I purchased. I love the contour brush the most as it's like nothing in my collection at the moment.


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