Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Lo Down - My New Glasses

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Last week I got my eyes tested for the first time in years. I wear glasses but I don't wear them too much to be honest, just for reading mainly. After I got my eyes tested I was told I needed two pairs, one for reading and one for looking. I had a feeling my eyesight was after getting a bit worse as when I'm watching the football I can hardly see the score of the match and always have to ask Daragh to tell me what it is which can be annoying at times I'm not going to lie. I don't mind wearing glasses that much though as they suit me I think.
I really like the two pairs I went for. One is Specsavers own brand and the other are Puma. The latter were on sale so of course I snatched them up. If they were full price they would of been €129 which is a bit to steep for me at the moment. My reading ones are the glasses pictures below, they are probably my favourite. I really like glasses that have big frames as I feel they suit my face alot more.
The other pair for looking are going to be used for watching the telly and for driving when I eventually learn how to drive that is. They are from Puma and they look alot more sporty I think. I really like the frames on these aswell there something different I guess. I much prefer both these glasses to my old ones they look alot nicer.

As I need my glasses more now to see a little better I'll probably be wearing these alot now. This doesn't bother me at all cause I'm really happy with the ones I chose, I bought them in Specsavers in case you were wondering.


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