Friday, March 17, 2017

The Lo Down - Weightloss Update #7

Hey Guys and Girls,

I can't believe this is my 7th weightloss update already, time really does fly by. I could never hav imagined my progress would be so good since I started eating that bit healthier back in January. This week was another busy week, I had something on everyday. I went swimming on Monday and to Boxercise on Thursday plus I had little errands to run every other day so I was always moving. I really believe that the extra bit of fitness classes is really helping my overall weightloss this week.
So how did I get on this week? I'm down a further 5 and a half pounds which means I'm down 1 stone 13 and a half pounds in total and half a pound off 2 stone. I'm really happy as I wanted to lose 3 pound this week and I smashed through that. I also want to reach my target of 2 stone in two months which would be unreal and that's easily achievable at this stage.

Again I've just been making simple easy choices that anyone can do. I haven't been happier in ages, I can't wait to buy some new clothes very soon. I'm heading out on Saturday with my boyfriend, Daragh for a few drinks and I'm going to see Beauty and the Beast tonight with my Mum. I always treat myself a little at the weekends but I do prefer to buy myself something nice as opposed to treating myself with food. It's a better compromise in my opinion. I'm thinking of buying the Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade palette, I saw it in House of Fraser during the week and it looks amazing so I'm going to treat myself soon once I have the funds of course.

My end goal is to be able to fit into smaller clothes by the Summer months, I have so many exciting things coming up so I know I can do it and I can't wait. I'm so motivated to do well at the moment and I know nothing can stop me right now. I'm really enjoying doing weightloss updates and I hope you are too. Thanks for all your support!


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