Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Lo Down - My Current Goals

Hey Guys and Dolls,

2017 is seriously going by so fast like a blink of an eye, not going to lie it's kind of scary I have to admit. I've been thinking alot lately about what I want to do with my year and I've come up with a couple of goals that I want to share with you guys. I think all of them are fairly achievable so I'm hoping that I'm going to be able to look back on them in a couple of months and tick them off my list.
Lose 2 stone in 2 months.
My weightloss journey started in January 2017 and it's going really well so far. I've already lost
2 stone in 2 months which I think is really good going so I want to keep up the good work. I've set myself a goal to lose another two stone in the next two months which will be hard but definitely achievable in my opinion so I have high hopes. My parents and nephew are going away in mid May so I'm planning to have accomplished this by then. They've already told me that there going to buy me some new clothes which will include a Gryffindor hoodie from Harry Potter so of course I'm very excited. I'm going to just keep doing what I'm doing at the moment, heathier eating and alot of fitness classes so we'll see what happens. 

Read More Books
I'm a big reader it has to be said, I've been reading books since I was about six and I'm pretty sure my parents read to me before that. I just like getting stuck in a good book and drifting off to another world, nothing beats it in my opinion. I've finished two books (Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them & Taking a Chance), I'm currently reading Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney and I'm loving it so far. I'm going to start doing more book reviews on my blog as I enjoy them alot and I hope you do to.

Start Running Again
Running and weightloss come hand in hand really. I love running, I don't do it as much anymore but I do enjoy it when I do get the time. In the past I've run marathons and done them in a pretty good time too which is always great. As I still have a bit of weight to lose I'm going to start off small and take baby steps, sure I don't want to do a injury or anything. My goal here is to fingers crossed run another 10km run by the end of the Summer,

Get a Job
I left my last job in December after almost nine years, I just thought it was about time to pack it in. I've enjoyed my time off but now I'm getting a little bit bored if I'm to be honest and I hate being bored. I am filling up my days blogging and doing stuff which I love but at this stage I definitely want a new job. I've been applying for a couple here and there but nothing yet. I would love to have a job by April, I'm so broke at the moment which isn't too good so a little bit of money would go a long way.

Go on a Holiday
I haven't gone on a holiday in years and I think it's about time I go on one. I wouldn't even mind going down the country to be honest, I just need to get out of Dublin for a while I think. Ideally I'd love to go to either Portugal or Spain as they both have the sun and yummy food. I've been to both countries and I love them alot so hopefully I get to go to one of them. Of course I have to tick off getting a job first.

Do a Makeup Course
This is probably the goal I'm most excited about. I love all things makeup and I've always wanted to a a makeup course and never gotten around to doing one. I've gotten the opportunity recently to do one, it may be only a beginners course but I always love learning new tips and tricks. I'm not going to let this pass me by, sure if I really like it I'm going to sign up to do another makeup course so I'm really excited to see what doors this opens for me.

So there are all my goals I'm going to do a update in a while maybe at the end of the Summer to let you guys know how I'm getting on with things but I'm expecting to do well, fingers crossed!


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