Monday, March 20, 2017

The Lo Down - Seavite Super Nutrient Head to Toe Travel Kit

Hey Guy and Dolls,

I was pretty much unfamiliar with the skincare brand Seavite a couple of weeks ago, that was until I got the opportunity to try some of their products. I did a background post on the brand which you can find here if you'd like to get the history of the brand.
I was really impressed with this brand, this little kit is so amazing it would be amazing for travelling or if your new to the brand a opportunity to try their lovely products. Included in this kit is 5 products and I'm on love with them all. I particularly like the Soothing & Replenishing Face Cream and the Super Nutrient Firming and Toning Body Lotion, they work amazingly well and they both smell incredible. It's also really nice to find a beautiful Irish brand like this, we seriously don't have enough so it's great to be able to support a homegrown brand.
The Seavite Super Nutrient Head to Toe Travel Kit retails for €47.50 which isn't bad at all as these travel kits can be very expensive sometimes. I really enjoyed using these products and I'd definitely recommend them.


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