Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Lo Down - Weightloss Update #5

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I'm into my fifth week of my weightloss journey and I'm beyond amazed with my progress. This week I lost another pound and I'm really happy, words can't describe how I'm feeling right now. I'm over the moon that's for sure. I'm down 1 stone 6 and a half pounds in total in five weeks which for me is unreal. I'm come a long way at this early stage of the game.
I'm really surprised that I lost weight last week as I was sick for most of it. I didn't get to go swimming so I was pretty disappointed not going to lie. I did go shopping though on Friday with my Aunty and my Nanna Mags, I had such a lovely time with them. We hit up New Look, my favourite clothes shop. I love their range for curvy women it's the bomb.com and I always pick up something there when I pay the shop a visit. I bought all the clothes in the picture below.
I'm in love with the leather jacket and jeans, they fit amazingly well and are going to be perfect for the Spring/Summer months ahead. These are the first pair of jeans I've worn in literally years so I'm pretty chuffed about that. They have the ripped knee effect so they look so cool I'll have to put on some good tan aswell. The jumper is from New Look, it's also really nice it can probably be worn casually and formally which is a good thing.

Again I have the most amazing support ever from all my family and friends.  They give the best advice don't know where I'd be without them most of them.


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