Monday, February 20, 2017

The Lo Down - My Top 5 Taylor Swift songs that weren't released as Singles

Hey Guys and Dolls,

I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan if you don't know already. Before she was even mainstream I was listening to her music on My Space back in the day, so that wasn't today or yesterday as you can probably imagine. I've been to see her twice in concert in Manchester and Dublin. Both concerts were amazing but Manchester was probably my favourite as I met Taylor's Mom and she gave me a guitar pick. I actually don't have it anymore but the whole experience was indeed magical.
Here is my favourite Taylor Swift songs that weren't released as singles. It's in no particular order.

I've always loved this song it's beautiful. Taylor Swift wrote it after meeting Owl City's lead singer as she was so infatuated by him. It's one of those songs I could keep playing over and over again. I'm actually listening to it as I'm writing this post. Wonderstruck a word in the lyrics of the song is actually the name of Taylor Swift's perfume which I love alot. I guess we all have a guy like the one mentioned in this song in our lives that give us butterflies and that we hope we run into again.

Okay we all know who this song is about, Mr. K.West we're looking right at you. After the MTV awards debacle it was obvious T. Swift was going reciprocate so what a better way than to do it in a song. This is one of my fave songs on the album Speak Now. It's alot different to any of her other songs and it's all about growing up.

I Know Places
I love, love, love this song. I always play it with the volume turned up in the car with my Dad. I'm sure he knows all the lyrics by now too. This song is off Taylor Swift's latest album 1989. I think it's about when your first in  relationship and everyone wants a piece of it and how you want to get away from all the drama.

I'd Lie
This is an unreleased song by Taylor Swift but definitely worth a listen to. It's one of the first songs she ever wrote but didn't make it on to her first album. It's another one of my favourite songs cause lets be honest there's always a guy that doesn't want a relationship that your crazy about and head over heels for.

Long Live
Another great song, can this woman actually do wrong? For me this is a song about having the time of your life with the people you care about the most. It's a really feel good song and I love it!

What's your favourite Taylor Swift song?


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