Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Lo Down - Just Dreaming

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Dreaming everyone does it don't they? I know once I hit the pillow at night I head off to dreamland that's for sure. Some say that dreams are memories, I don't know if I believe that one but I do think that dreaming is a way for our brains to recharge themselves. For a couple of months a few years back I had the dreaded insomnia I was really anxious especially at bedtime so it resulted in me not being able to sleep one wink which drove me crazy. Sleep is so important to me I must have though eight hours or I'm such a hard person to be around that's for sure. Getting a few hours at night is a way to recharge and turn off the oul batteries in a way and without it like I know already you can get pretty sick which isn't good for anyone.
When I got my sleep patterns back in the right order last year, they thing I missed the most bar sleeping was dreaming. I like nothing more than reading a book at night and drifting off into lala land. I have some pretty good dreams, ones that are fun and then the ones that are god damn weird to say the least. My Dad and I always chat about the weird dreams together so we get a bit of a laugh out of them in the end. 

I'd love to pick up a dream book and diary and jot down my dreams and learn more about them. I think it would be pretty cool to know what my dreams are all about. I'm pretty sure you can get books on Dreams in Easons so once I pick one up I'll definitely do a updated post. When I was sick my friend bought me a dreamcatcher which I photoed above and I love it. It was such a sweet gift and I hang it up just on the shelve beside my bed. It's wooden and has the most prettiest feathers on it. I actually have no idea where she bought it but I definitely want to pick up some more for my room and for gifts as I think they make a lovely one.

I think it would be very interesting to get into the study of dreams. I think it would be so informative to find out what your dreams are actually about.

Do you have a dream diary? What's your opinion on them?


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