Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Lo Down - My MAC Eyeshadow Collection

Hey Guys and Dolls,

MAC is one of those brand I've been using for years from paints pots to lipstick, there's so much to choose from from this brand. I adore their eyeshadows, they such an amazing selection of shades.
Last Summer I bought one of their empty palettes that fit 30 eyeshadows, sure you can never have too many MAC eyeshadows. Well I can't anyway. I've already filled up a half of the palette already so if you have any recommendations for the other half definitely let me know.
Top Row - Cork, Expensive Pink, All That Glitters, Nylon, Brule
Middle Row - Brown Script, Rule, Antiqued, Coppering, Texture
Bottom Row - Amber Lights, Shadowy Lady, Tempting, Sketch, Embark

The newest shade to my palette is Shadowy Lady and it's a very dark purple shades that would be great in the crease and in the outer corner I think. As you can see all the shadows I have are on the neutral side of things. I prefer to go with a natural eye as opposed to a vibrant look. I'd be too scared if it all went wrong to be honest.

My favorite eyeshadows are Coppering, Sketch and Embark. Coppering is a gorgeous all over the lid shade and the other two look perfect in the crease blended out. I really like all these eyeshadows though they are extremely pigmented and really pretty.

I use this palette alot and I like how you can choose the shades you like. I'm probably going to get a few more neutral shadows considering they are only €7 a pop which is such good value.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?


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